Mayawati Said To Divide UP In 4 Parts If Comes In Power


To win the biggest Indian state elections of Uttar Pradesh, all parties are leaving no stone to win the elections. Now, the issue of division of Uttar Pradesh has been raked again by the BSP supremo Mayawati. According to Mayawati’s opinion, sloppy public infrastructure, barely any modern healthcare facilities and low literacy rates of the Uttar Pradesh can be solved only by dividing U.P into the four parts. This will be interesting to see that what Mayawati is saying is going to implement if they come to power or just a political epithet.

While speaking at an election rally, BSP supremo Mayawati repeated about her plans to divide the state into four parts and said that it is the only way to develop the Uttar Pradesh with balance. Mayawati also said some rough words for the opposition parties of BSP. She said that the people of Uttar Pradesh will punish the Samajwadi Party, Bhartiya Janata Party and Congress for opposing the formation of Purvanchal to be a separate state. It was not the first time Mayawati talked about dividing the Uttar Pradesh into four parts.

According to India Today in 2011, while the end of her tenure as Chief Minister Mayawati had listed a resolution to separate the most populous Indian state into the four parts.  This move by BSP supremo may be called as a political gimmick by the opposition parties, but it could benefit her party this time. Mayawati’s BSP lost her strength from 206 seats to 80 only in the elections of 2012. On the other hand, Samajwadi Party rushes forward and bagged 224 seats out of 403 assembly seats in the 2012 elections.

In this Election, it will be very exciting to see how Mayawati’s BSP performs. The recent political strategy of Mayawati through her statement of dividing the most populous Indian state into the four parts might work for her party on winning the elections. Now, we can wait only for the results of Uttar Pradesh elections to know which party public supports or not.


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