MP Records 1761 Suicides Including 106 Farmers


Madhya Pradesh records at least 106 farmers and 181 farm laborers who committed sluiced within the last five months, this is stated on Monday, by BJP ruling government in the assembly. The government put this figure of suicides during the last five months to 1761 out of which 160 are the students who took the extreme step due to various reasons.

On December 7 2016, state government discloses the number of suicide in the state to 3469 during the period of 1 July 2016 to 15 November 2016. In this suicides figure is includes 531 farmers and farm laborers and 281 students. Ramnivas Rawat , a congress MLA from sheopur confirmed the figure in his query on Monday.

On this statement state home minister Bhupinder singh stated that the figure tabled in house were correct and further added that during 16 November 2016 to 27 February 2017 total 1761 suicide cases have been registered in which 106 were farmers and 181 were farm laborers and if we include it with last year’s figure the total number of sluiced become 5230 during last seven months.

According to the officials of Madhya Pradesh as the data available to state police, total 10293 suicide cases were registered in 2015 in which 6294 were men and 3999 were women , the number of farm laborers and farmers suicide during 2015 is 581 while 625 students had also taken this extreme step within one year.

As per the recent tabled data by the state police, the figure disclosed total of 1761 suicide cases out of which 349 were related to their family problems, 284 committed suicide due to mental tension, 176 due to illness, 104 did this due to the cue of addition, 45 due to their love affairs and 298 committed suicide due to various other reasons. Out of all these cases 504 cases are yet to be investigated to find out the reason that why people are taking this kind of extreme step and play with their life.

All these suicide that was committed during the period of July 2016 to February 2017 was 5230 in which 818 were farmers and farm laborers and 441 were students.

Home Minister said on the measure taken to control suicides among farmers and students,”the state has launched awareness campaign and preventive measure to control suicide and on of which is formation happiness department and second government ensure that the people will able to get due benefit of the beneficiary schemes at right time for their livelihood.”


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