Reason For Women Weight Gain Post Pegnancy


Pregnancy comes with much more than what a woman expect. A woman’s body experiences many changes during and post pregnancy. A woman’s body structure changes to a great extent when she gives birth to a new life. Maintaining proper body shape and getting fit into old outfits becomes really hard after pregnancy.

When they continue to gain weight after pregnancy, most of them usually blame their pregnancy which is always not true; there are many other reasons behind overweight. A Lifestyles choice after delivery of a woman leaves a great impact on her weight.  As per the latest study, mothers keep on putting weight by eating more to feed her child or by sitting down for longer periods of time. Lack of sleep which is often found in new mothers is also considered to be a key reason for gaining weight as it increases food cravings which create an urge to eat unhealthy food.

As women are considered to be more selfless when it comes to her child and they prefer taking care of her new born baby over exercise. Even if some women are conscious about their weight and spend a little time on exercise but they often get discouraged by the results and as a result stop exercising altogether. It is often believed by few that one of the reasons for weight gain is due to the eventual milk production that is to happen during pregnancy. To keep up with making milk in the body, women have to take few hundred extra calories per day. Helping ensure that happens, their body releases a hormone that stimulates milk production thereby stimulating hunger and suppresses metabolization ability of body.


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