Woman Takes Ex-GF To Court For Posting Nude Pics In Social Media


In Mumbai yesterday, a forty-five-year-old woman seize her ex-girlfriend to court for posting her nude pictures online. She has filed a case adjacent to her former live-in girlfriend who is also forty-five years of age for uploading photos of her on social media. The session’s court discarded appeal for bail by the girl aligned with who case is registered here. They in cooperation were in the relationship for over a decade and they in cooperation worked in the pathology department of a well-liked hospital in the western suburbs.

The FIR was cataloged with Navghar police station, Mulund east on 4th February. Police registered a case under Indian Penal code sections 354 i.e. for raging the modesty of a woman and underneath the Information Technology Act. The senior police official alleged that this was the foremost such case that the force has registered. The policeman investigation the case alleged the women had worked together for a long time previous to becoming close friends. One of them was married and subsequent to her marriage ended their attachment grew stronger.

The police officer from Navghar police station alleged that ‘six months ago they started having a tight spot in their relationship’. For the duration of this time the complainant purportedly learned that the indicted has been distributing her pictures as her own on Facebook for over two months. The victim told police that on 21st November prior year; she noticed that the accused has posted her nude photo as her Whatsapp display picture. When tackled she as allegedly told that the pictures were taken yesterday when she was in the bathroom. When they got into the fight the accused susceptible to criticize her by circulating the pictures and left the house. The victim finally files a police grievance of 4th February.

The accused explained the court that she was not responsible and cops have opposed the pre-emptive bail plea on the grounds that the mobile phones are yet to be recovered and as the two worked in the same place there were chances that the accused could stage-manage witness. As per the officer’ with her anticipatory bail being rejected we wanted to take into custody her today itself i.e. on Monday but as it is sundown we cannot take into custody a woman and so now we will hang around until Tuesday’.


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