More Teachers Booked For Cheating Than Students In UP Board Exams

The number of involvement of teachers in abetment of cheating in the ongoing Uttar Pradesh Board examinations is turning out to be bigger than the students involved in using unfair means. Until now, the board has lodged FIR against 111 center superintendents and 178 supervisors for making possible cheating across the state. The number of students using unmerited means has crossed 1,400 yet only 70 FIR’s have been lodged. The Uttar Pradesh education board has also canceled examinations at 54 centers whereas 57 centers have been expelled.

The Uttar Pradesh Madhyamik Shiksha Parishad (UPMSP) director A N Verma said that 327 superintendents have been changed and the FIR has been lodged against the management of four examination centers for promoting the mass copying. On the directions of deputy chief minister and secondary education minister Dinesh Sharma, UPMSP has decided to submit answer copies of seven examination centers for screening, which will be selected randomly. A toll-free number (18001806760) has also been launched in the state capital to curb any further case of cheating in the board examinations. The interesting part was that many of the teachers were found helping the students in cheating through several ways. Some teachers were caught dictating to students or supplying chits with answers, whereas some teachers were booked for assisting students to smuggle answer sheets out of the examination center, getting answers written by an assistant and later, gives a copy back to the exam hall. Many of the teachers were caught for not stopping students from exchanging answer sheets and copying from books and guides in the examination hall.

On 28 March, in the RBM Inter College of Lucknow, Gotminagar center Superintendent Uday Bhan Yadav, who is also the school principal and with another supervisor, Rajendra Verma caught promoting the cheating. The FIR has been lodged against the duo. Even on March 27, the English question paper was leaked on the Whatsapp just some hours before the examination in Ballia and Bareilly. The FIRs lodged in both districts. The practice of using unmerited means by teachers is widespread in most private and self-finance institutions. The Uttar Pradesh Madhyamik Shikshak Sangh’s state secretary R P Mishra said, “Some secondary education department officials are hands in glove with the education mafia. Top officials are corrupt and involved in open and mass copying.” The rulebook also says that a government school or an inter college should be the priority, followed by the aided schools when it comes to allotting exam centers. “But things are completely opposite,” added Mishra.

While reviewing the situation via Video Conferencing, the Deputy Chief Minister and secondary education minister Dinesh Sharma directed the education officials to tighten the noose around the education mafia who helps the mass copying the students. The officials have also been directed to inform the board secretary and director immediately about the examination centers which have been expelled and also for the re-examination where the papers have been leaked. Sharma has also asked the education officials to reconstitute Madhyamik Sanskrit Shiksha Parishad and to include Yoga as a compulsory subject in Physical education course. In recent times, many of the cheating cases in the board examinations of the state have been reported and it looks like that the Uttar Pradesh government is in no mood to take this issue lightly.

Salman Khan Travel 22 hours Journey For Nephew Bday Celebration

The Sultan of Bollywood Salman Khan travels 22 hours from his busy schedule to Maldives to celebrate Ahil’s First Birthday. Superstar Salman’s nephew turns 1 today and to celebrate his birthday, the entire Khan family and their close friends have flown down for a private celebration. As we all know that Salman Khan is currently busy in shooting for Tiger Zinda Hai in Australia with Ali Abbas Zaffar, but the superstar still has his family in mind first. The khan is also committed to his family and he just doesn’t miss any opportunity to spend time with the youngest member of the Khandaan.

To make Ahil’s first birthday special, Salman took 22 hours long flight from Austria to Maldives to celebrate his nephew’s birthday celebration. We are not surprised by this gesture for the Khan as for him Ahil has always been the priority, Arpita Khan shared the picture of his entire family and a few close friends who were ready to take off with the entire were Arpita’s husband Aayush Sharma, Arbaaz Khan, Malaika Arora Khan, Salim Khan, Helen, Salma Khan, Sohail Khan, his wife and kids, sister Alvira Khan Agnihotri, and their special friends. Salman’s rumored girlfriend Lulia Vantur is also a part of the trip, so how Salman can give it a miss.

In the meantime, Arpita Khan already started the Ahil’s birthday celebrations by posting some of the inside pictures of the party on Instagram. She also posted a beautiful message for the B’day boy. “Here’s wishing my love, my life, my world, my Lil man who’s given me a reason to believe in love, life, and togetherness forever. Thank you for teaching me, so many meanings of words I used and I didn’t understand, thank you for giving life to me, thank you for filling every void I had thank u for being u!Love u Ahil !,” Arpita posted. Ahil’s father and Arpita’s Husband Aayush Sharma also took insta to share his feelings. He wrote, “Can’t believe he’s 1 year old already. Time has just flown by with this little one. Daily dose of love, laughter, entertainment and friendship. Really proud to have a son who only spreads love. Love you and Happy Birthday.” It was definitely an emotional moment for the Khan family.

Now we all are waiting to see the pictures of Salman Khan with his nephew. In the company of parents Aayush Sharma and Arpita Khan Sharma, grandparents Salma, Helen and Salim Khan and his uncles and aunts, Ahil seemed to be in a cheerful mood. He was looking adorable in the insta pictured posted by his family. We wish a very Happy Birthday to the youngest member of Salman’s family.

Jabalpur Nizamuddin Mahakaushal Express Derailed 52 Injured

Eight coaches of the Jabalpur Nizamuddin Mahakaushal Express derailed in the wee hours today near Mahoba station in Uttar Pradesh. As per ANI at least 22 passengers of the Delhi-bound train were wounded in the incident which took place at 2.07. Ministry of railways reacted to the occurrence posting a list of helpline numbers all along with the notification of the trains being sidetracked in view of the accident.

North Central railway’s chief public relations officer alleged that an accident relief train has also been hurried to the site and the injured have been given first aid. Approximately eight coaches from the rear side of the train derailed between Mahoba and Kulpahar stations as per the wordings of CPRO. Senior officers comprising the general manager of North Central railway MC Chauhan have hurried to site and rescue processes are on.

The cause of the derailment is, however, to be determined. Railway officers have operationalised help lines at Gwalior, Jhansi, Banda and Nizamuddin stations to broadcast information to relatives of the travelers. many travelers injured and are very  serious condition , out of them many were poorly wounded as six bogies of the Jabalpur Nizamuddin Mahakaushal Express derailed early today in neighboring Mahoba. The incident took place between Mahoba and Kulpahar railway stations near Supa village when the very last six bogies derailed as per the details were given by Mahoba SP Gaurav Singh.

The state health minister Siddharth Nat Singh has been ordered by Uttar Pradesh Chief Yogi Adityanath to visit Mahakaushal derailment site. The health minister alleged that he was personally supervising the rescue and relief labors. Thirty doctors and twenty-one ambulances have been rushed to the accident site, the minister alleged. The SP alleged that relief and rescue operations are on in the bursting swing

The cause of the derailment is not yet recognized and an inquiry has been started in this regard. As per the ministry of railways, the unaffected coaches left the location of the mishap at 6:45 am and started for their destination i.e. Delhi Nizamuddin railway station.

An accident relief Train i.e. ART rushed to the site and wounded passengers have been admitted to adjoining hospitals in Mahoba for medical treatment. A representative of northern section  alleged that the derailed coaches includes  one coach of second AC, three coaches of 3rf AC and the enduring were sleeper coaches. Rescue staff, railway police, and administration officials are at present at the spot, sources in the railway ministry have alleged. The chief medical officer of the region i.e. Sunil Kumar Vashnay is also at the site of the accident.

Following the accident, the Jhansi Banda line has been closed for traffic and numerous trains traveling all the way through Jhansi have been canceled. Just about half a dozen trains have been redirected throughout Kanpur. Railway police and officials are at present at the spot and rescue operations are scheduled the following helpline numbers have also been issued to broadcast information to the relatives of the passengers

Delhi 011 23341072/74

Jhansi 0510-1072

Gwalior 0751-1072

Banda 05192-1072

Earlier on 7th March, nine people were wounded in a blast in a coach of Bhopal Ujjain passenger train close to Shujalpur in Madhya Pradesh. The incident happened between Jabri and Kalapipal stations. In January to at least forty-one passengers were killed subsequent to the Jagdalpur Bhubaneshwar Hirakhand express derailed in Vizianagaram district of Andhra Pradesh and in which more than sixty people were injured as the engine and nine coaches of the train derailed. The train was on its way to Bhubaneswar from Jagdalpur. Subsequent to the sequence of incidents the railway Minister had invited overseas railways comprising Korea and Japan to propose measures for safety augmentation.

UP CM Yogi Compare Surya Namaskar To Namaz

Yesterday, Uttar Pradesh chief Minister Yogi Adityanath alleged that Surya namaskar was alike to namaz i.e. prayers offered by Muslims and those contrasting the yogic exercise wanted to segregate the society on religious lines. Yogi Adityanath, roped out at a segment of Muslims for phrasing the practice of Surya namaskar as un-Islamic, alleged that the sun salutation was a stunning example of religious concord.

He alleged that ‘the namaz presented by Muslims resembles different postures and asanas of Surya namaskar comprising pranayama’. He also added that ‘what a fine-looking example of harmony i.e. flanked by two religions. But some ‘bhogis’ who do not trust in yoga cosseted in dividing the society into lines of caste, creed, region and religion in the midst of others’.

He alleged that ‘all asanas i.e. postures in Surya namaskar, prayanam activities are alike to the means namaz is offered by our Muslim brothers. But not a soul ever tried to fetch them together as few people were engrossed only in ‘bhoga’ not yoga’. Captivating a jibe at the prior governments at the center and in the state, he alleged that; if consent for an akin program was sought it would have been dubbed as communal.

Praising Prime Minister Narendra Modi he said that ‘previous to 2014 even talking regarding yoga was considered communal, but things changed subsequent to Modi took steps to make yoga popular crossways the world’. Subsequent to a good decision taken by the state management strong-willed to compose yoga with Surya namaskar obligatory in schools, the All India Muslim Personal Law board had launched a nationwide campaign adjacent to it.

Yogi Aditya Nath had approach subsequent to an squabble erupted over the enclosure of the exercise in the government‘s yoga protocol with a segment of Muslims saying that their trust does not permit them to practice it. He had then alleged that those who see communalism in even sun god should obscure themselves in the sea or live in a murky room for the rest of their lives.\

Yogi Aditya Nath, a Hindutva charm has promised after taking charge as chief minister that there will not be any unfairness on the basis of religion. spraying honor on the prime minister for building yoga a universal occurrence, Aditya Nath alleged that ‘ Modi deserve all the credit for the global gratitude which yoga has got’ and referred to the UN affirming International Yoga day on 21st June.

He alleged that ‘the number of countries which took part in the International Yoga day celebrations in 2015 was 175 which went up to 192 in the succeeding year’. showing his appreciation to  the prime minister Yogi Aditya Nath alleged that ‘ the optimistic view which  Mr.Modi had imparted subsequent to the 2014 Lok Sabha election, the UP government will work with the identical positivity for the welfare of 22 crore people of the state’.

Up chief minister alleged and sleeted Modi’s bold decision to demonetize high denomination currency notes, he said that’ If required we will not vacillate in taking any big conclusion for the benefit of 22 crore populace of the state’. Yogi Aditya Nath voiced worry over the Naxal menace and he also grieved that the Indian universities could not outline in the list of top 100 universities in the world. He cited excerpts from epic Ramayana to strain that ‘mother and motherland are higher to heaven’.

Yogi Aditya Nath also alleged that he was well-versed by Amit Shah  BJP chief only a day previous to the swearing in ceremony that he will be the Uttar Pradesh chief minister. He added that ‘Amit Shah told me that tomorrow is the oath-taking ritual, but I had only two robes. If I had said no then it would mean that I am looking for a flee route. I then went to Lucknow to be present at the meeting of the BJP legislative party’.

Vocalizing on the occasion, Uttar Pradesh Governor Ram naik alleged that ‘ Yoga should not be connected to any religion’. Sharing a childhood day’s tale, the Governor alleged that in his school it was compulsory for every student to carry out 25 Surya namaskar, he also spoke of how he improved from cancer at the age of sixty. Deputy Chief Minister Dinesh Sharma also alleged that ‘yoga has played a chief role in making India a vishwaguru i.e. a global leader. The necessitate of the hour is to give more significance to yoga and Ayurveda’.

The chief, minister also bring up that everyone can do yoga even in offices. He also advocated the gathering to practice yoga to turn on their subconscious self in order to bestow themselves to the cause of public welfare. Also elaborating upon the motive for choosing 21st June as the international yoga day, the chief minister alleged that ‘on 21st June the sun reaches its uppermost point in its path as seen from the earth and the day is much longer than usual. ‘On this day maximum probable energy can be absorbed while performing an assortment of asanas and postures of Yoga’. Subsequent to this statement of Yogi Adityanath, Maulana Sajid Rashidi alleged that yoga and namaz are very diverse and refused to agree with Yogi’s declaration. He said that it is incorrect to connect them together .maulana alleged that ‘Yogi Ji has added to Namaz, I demonstrate myself by praying. You will do fairness to yourself how much yoga does it get. You make a decision on yourself whether it is right to correlate it with yoga or with sun salutation’.

Maulana also added despite the fact that studying namaz that, the way of reading our prayers and the way of sun salutation or yoga is wholly different as both have dissimilar actions’. He also said that namaz, we are an order of Allah and it joins us with Allah. All along with joining Allah exercise is also done by praying prayers. If namaz is also thought from the point of view that you are exercising all the way through it then this is not wrong’.

Modi Ji Completed 3 Years As A Prime Minister

It’s been 3 long years the BJP-led NDA is on power, let’s take a glance at its hits and misses. In 2014, President Pranab Mukherjee administered the oath taking ceremony of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his Cabinets. This lavish ceremony was attended by Premiers of SAARC nations,many Chief Ministers, few Opposition leaders, besides a host of celebrities, corporate honchos and religious leaders.

In history it was for the first time in last 3 decades, the BJP came to power by gaining absolute majority and during the swearing-in ceremony only team Modi gave a hint that they are ready with the gam-changing plan for India. It is almost three years of governance, let’s take a look back to the centre performance:

Starting with the Sukanya Yojna introduced in 2014. At 8.6% interest this scheme gives the highest return in comparison to other small saving instruments. Then, comes more deduction on NPS, in order to promote the long-term retirement savings, the Modi government introduced the additional Rs 50,000 deduction for investing on National Pension Plan.  

NPS withdrawal reforms, Real Estate reforms, More Tax benefit to the home buyers, Increase in tax deduction limits and many more came into action under this governance. One of the most popular and successful plans amongst all is LPG subsidy scheme as best part of it is Adhaar card is mandatory for using this scheme.   

From the very first day team Modi is in form and till now it is at its best. Many came for protest against the decisions of Modi government but all their “effort gone in Vain”. During this many turning points came for the Indian citizens, but they appreciated all those each time. The biggest revolution that this government brought was the “Surgical Strike”.  From years India was tolerating the attacks from Pakistan with no reason and have lost many soldiers, but it was time to put a full stop in this practice. With the Surgical strike Indian Army demonstrated their power and intelligence, this was because of the person sitting in the centre. It is evident from the past activities that Indian Army has got potential to fight against everything but somebody should be there to encourage them and Prime Minister Narendra Modi did that.

Then, on 8th November 2016, PM Modi made another announcement and that was to boycott black money and black money holders from the country. Demonetization of Rs.500 and Rs. 1000 notes was shocking for all but it especially left the blackmoney holders panic stricken. Many said that this act will become a drawback for Modi wave. People choosed to stand on long queues and that gave topic to the opposition to talk on. Then, came the most talked Uttar Pradesh election, people were almost sure that BJP has no chance of winning the election as Bahujan Samaj Party and Samajhwadi Party are the two reputed and strong parties of the state.

Everyone of anxious to know that who will form the government this time Mayawati or Akhilesh Yadav and then, the election results came. The election result was the most unexpected one as it was BJP who got the highest vote and it is just because of the Modi wave. People who criticized Modi’s decision of Demonitization and the way of running the nation got the answer from the public only.           

It’s now proved that people have trust on PM Modi and liked the way he is working for the nation. Opposition parties tried their best to ruin the image PM Modi has created, but they failed in doing so. Indian citizens know that who is working for their favour and who deserves to be in the center. Let’s see how effective this Modi wave is, whether he will be able to rule every Indian’s heart or not!

Unknown Package Was Found Near White House, One Suspect Also Arrested

The country which is one of the most powerful and developed country in this world and very well known for his security equipment’s had not a good past regarding to security topics. As this country had faced one of the most powerful terrorist attacks and suffered a lot with that attack.

US security once again come in move when they found a suspicious package near white house. America is a super power and a package near the most important building of the country was enough to shock the whole country and all the security agencies was come on action at that time.

It was a case when the Secret Service discovered a suspicious package near the White House’s grounds, multiple US news outlets reported. According to an agency spokesperson the Secret Service is investigating the issue, and they will find the matter about this particular case. The Secret Service later tweeted that a suspect has been detained in connection with the incident even as its investigation into the package continues.

The important thing was that President Trump along and Vice President Mike Pence were both inside the White House when the package was found. They, however, continued with their daily routine. Some of media and press people were inside the white house and they were asked to stay inside the white house so that their security can also be insured. All the roads around white house were blocked for some times.

This incident do so many questions to the American security agency and they have to answer all the answer and have to make sure that this will not come across in front of anyone in the coming future. Otherwise it will create so many problems for the American security agency because it is the matter of their President’s and one of the most important building of their country which they have to make secure on any condition.

Another Big Clash Of 2017 Between These Two In August

As we saw a big clash between Shah Rukh Khan’s ‘Raees’ and Hrithik Roshan’s ‘Kaabil’ this year on republic day. Now there is a big clash between two big Bollywood films on Independence day weekend. According to an update shared by film trade analyst Taran Adarsh, Akshay Kumar and Bhumi Pednekar’s ‘Toilet: Ek Prem Katha’ will clash with Shah Rukh Khan and Anushka Sharma starrer untitled  film directed by Imtiaz Ali at the box office. Both these movie will be expecting to hit cinemas on August 11, 2017.

Akshay Kumar was the first to announce the release date for his film ‘Crack’ to be directed by Neeraj Pandey on Independence day 2017 but due to production delays ‘Crack’ will not be releasing this year. But later When Shah Rukh announced the same date for the Imtiaz Ali’s directed movie; it was again termed as a clash between the two superstars on box office.

It,  was only when Akshay Kumar who announced his four films of the year, ‘Jolly LLB 2’, ‘2.0’, ‘Toilet- Ek Prem Katha’ and ‘Padman’ did it become evident that ‘Crack’ won’t be releasing this year. However, when we thought that the SRK starrer would get a solo release, now ‘Toilet- Ek Prem Katha’, which was earlier planned to release in June, but now  has been pushed ahead and will now release on 11 August.

Incidentally on last year’s Independence, we had seen a big clash, between Akshay Kumar starrer  ‘Rustom’ and Hrithik Roshan’s  ‘Mohenjo Daro’ but this time it would now be interesting for all of us to see how this king khan and Akshay clash because it would be different from another clashes that happened this year earlier.

One more interesting thing is that the release date of SRK film was announced by Salman Khan a few days ago, and also Akshay’s comedy is expected to release on the same day. It’s a big wonder that now who will make the first movie to avoid the big clash or would both are allowed to release on same date.