Cochin Bound Air India Flight Emergency Landing


A rare mistake has been occurred of technical issue when a Cochin bound Air India flight was forced to an emergency landing here soon after its take-off from the Indira Gandhi International Airport as the engineers had failed to remove pins from the landing gear, a spokesperson told. An Air India Spokesperson said that two engineers have been taken off duty pending inquiry after they forgot to remove the pins last morning.

The plane number AI 933 Delhi-Cochin-Dubai plane having 234 passengers on board took off from Indira Gandhi International Airport on Monday at 5:36am but was forced to return and make an emergency landing just 40 minutes later after the pilot was unable to retract the wheels.

When the plane returned, the pins were found attached to the landing gear, which were then removed by the members. After that plane took off for Cochin at 9:56 am, after having a delay of four hours.

The work of those pins is to prevent retraction of the landing gear while the flight is on the ground. However, if they are not removed before take-off, the pilot cannot retract the wheel while the plane is in flight.

Airlines companies should take these type of issues seriously because many life’s are rely on them when they fly with them. Some issues has been happened in the past so passengers are also not feel safe and want a surety of their life’s.


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