Huge Jackman's Logan Releases Today Critics Reviews


Hugh Jackman’s Logan is the perfect farewell to the Jackman’s Wolverine. Logan will be open in all the theaters on March 3 Worldwide. The movie is also opening at the Berlin Film Festival today. Logan is the third and installment in the solo Wolverine series and that’s why the excitement for this movie is very high. Hugh Jackman played the character for 17 years in the X-Men franchise and made it one of the most popular characters in the X-Men franchise.

Jackman’s Logan is set in 2029 and the best part of the movie is that the superhero is shown getting aged without any hesitation. The powerful performance of Hugh Jackman couldn’t be missed. He played the role with such a grace and sincerity that you just can’t imagine anyone playing the role of the Jackman. Although, Jackman recently said in an interview that he thinks Shahrukh Khan could play the role.

We can say that Hugh Jackman’s final Wolverine film changes the face of the Superhero movies. Logan is the perfect farewell for this franchise. The happiest thing happening to the Jackman’s Logan is that it’s receiving great reviews mostly from all the critics and the big sites.

Here’s what the Critics are saying:

The Independent – Geoffrey Macnab 4/5 Stars

The review of ‘The Independent’ was highly positive for the movie. They have added in the review that the action of the Logan was a little downbeat but there’s more heart here than you’ll find in any other Superhero movie.

Hindustan Times – Rohan Naahar 4.5/5 Stars

The review by the ‘Hindustan Times’ was very overwhelming for the movie. The critic hasn’t just given the 4.5 Stars in the movie, but also added that this final movie of Jackman’s Wolverine changes the face of the Superhero movies forever. It’s a well-deserved farewell.

The Guardian – Peter Bradshaw 4/5 Stars

They appreciated the movie by saying that it’s more the thrilling movie than a superhero film. Superpowers start to fade along with the ordinary powers. This movie signals its wintry quality with the title itself.

The Telegraph – Robbin Collin 4/5 Stars

The review of the ‘The Telegraph’ was very positive and encouraging for the film. The critic said that the Logan is a film for people, like me, who thought the only good bit of X-Men: Apocalypse was Michael Fassbender crying in the woods, left the cinema wishing that had been the whole thing. He also said that it’s a creatively risky superhero movie.

With all these of reviews of Hugh Jackman’s Logan, it looks like that it’s a must watch the movie for all the superhero movie lovers. Logan is the perfect bid to the X-Men Franchise. If you are a Superhero movies lover or a fan of Hugh Jackman or his character Wolverine, then you must watch Logan at least once.


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