"I Am Being Mentally Tortured" BSF Jawan Tej Bahadur


An inquiry for reported breach of discipline instituted adjacent to BSF Jawan Tej Bahadur Yadav who alleged ghastly quality food was given to soldiers is in the final stage and a report would be submitted soon. As per the official, the Staff Court of Inquiry would soon drape up its investigation and offer its recommendations to the Border Security Force DG here. In the intervening time, the Home ministry had taken strong exception a fresh video of Yadav and has asked the BSF to glance into it as part of the investigation.

A senior Ministry official alleged that Yadav has traversed the line of discipline and broken services rules by posting the second video. In his new video, Yadav said that he is being ‘mentally tortured’ and his endeavor to post the first video was to carry to light the alleged prevailing corruption in his organization. He alleged in a short video claiming that he surrendered his phone to the authorities on 10th January and it has been ‘tampered with’, ‘the prime minister had alleged so i.e. eliminating of corruption and I was doing the same. Is this what I should be getting in return?

In the previous video uploaded on social media Yadav alleged that despite the fact that government procures prerequisites for the soldiers the higher ups and officers ‘ sell them off’ in an illegal’ way in the market and they have to undergo.

Tej Bahadur Yadav, a BSF jawan who had departed viral on facebook subsequent to shooting a video showing the appalling and unhygienic conditions that jawans have to suffer has been allegedly arrested, according to his wife, Sharmila Bahadur. She alleged that she had lingered for him on 31st January but he did not come home. According to her, Tej Bahadur had called her up to let her be familiar with that he was being asked to give up work. On the other hand, he added that his retirement had been canceled within an hour and he was put under arrest.

This BSF Jawan who was in news about two months ago for a video that he posted on social media exposing the deprived quality of food being served in the Indian army has punched back with another video. This time he has appealed to Prime Minister Narendra Modi to move toward in his support as he is being targeted at the army base from the time when he decided to picture the light of jawans. He also alleged that his phone was taken away in January and was fabricated. He stated that even though it was alleged that he has contacts with people in Pakistan, none of these reports is accurate and should not be believed unless he himself comes out and say somewhat on a video.

Tej bahadur added ‘today I want to solicit the Prime Minister that regardless of exposing the corruption in the army why is that I am being tortured mentally’. He applied to all Indians to draw closer in his support and request the Prime Minister if he actually needs to eradicate corruption from India. He also added that ‘ I request all of you to ask the prime Minister that whether this is what a jawan gets in return for revealing corruption?


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