Sachin Tendulkar Reveals How He Thought For Retirement From The Cricket


The ‘God of Cricket’ and the living legend, Sachin Tendulkar, revealed about his first thoughts of retiring from the International Cricket. The Legend of Indian Cricket Sachin Tendulkar has revealed how and when he thought first about retiring from the International Cricket. Sachin has the record of highest number of runs and centuries in the International Cricket. It is the reason why he is called as the Master Blaster. Tendulkar has recently joined the professional networking site ‘Linkedin’ as an ‘Influencer’. Sachin posted a write-up on this networking site titled ‘My Second Innings’ on Thursday and shared his experience.

“It was October 2013 during one of the Champions league games. I had been following a routine of starting my morning with a gym workout for the last 24 years, but in that morning in October something had changed,” Sachin wrote in his post.

“I realized that I had to force myself and go about my day. I always knew that gym training was a critical part of my life, something that I had been following for the last 24 years. Yet, there was unwillingness. Why so? added Tendulkar in his Write-up.

“Were these the signs that I should stop playing cricket? These signs showed that the game that was so dear to me would be no longer part of my daily routine?” The legendary cricketer, Sachin Tendulkar, said.

Tendulkar, who is also known as ‘Little Master’ had played 200 tests, 463 one-day internationals and only one T-20 international. He was the part of the 2013 Champions League T20 and where he played three matches in Delhi. After this league, Sachin played his last two test matches in Kolkata and Mumbai in November against the West Indies in a suddenly arranged series before bidding bye to the International Cricket.

Further Tendulkar added in his Write-up about the process of making the retirement decision and wrote, “Sunil Gavaskar, one of my heroes and the former cricketer, once said that he made his mind to quit the game when he found himself checking the clock to see how much time there was left for lunch and tea intervals. Suddenly I knew exactly what he meant. My body and mind were telling me the same thing. Maybe, it’s the time to hang up my boots.

“The energizing chant of ‘Sachin, Sachin’ that the crowds cheered each time I walked into the field, was an indescribable feeling and rush. This probably won’t be heard anymore. Was I ready for that?  These thoughts and a discussion with my family and closest friends helped me make up my mind. My innings was indeed coming to an end,” the legendary Cricketer added.

With this beautiful Write-up of the living Legend Sachin Tendulkar, one thing is clear that he was not just passionate about his game but also for the love from his fans. Sachin Tendulkar always made India proud in all the years he played for the India. We give a Salute to our living Legend. Hope we will see him soon in some new avatar for the Indian Cricket.


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