Vidyut Jamwal Said What I Did In Commando 2 Nobody Can


Vidyut Jamwal is all set with his new upcoming movie Commando 2, which is released today. In his acting career spanning more than a decade and worked simultaneously in Tamil, Telugu and Hindi films. He is totally a fitness freak and love to do acting.  Commando was one of the unexpected hits of 2013. New action hero and high octane action made commando one of the most watched films on TV.

Speaking to HT, he says, “it’s totally because of strong word of mouth. Television started showing it and people showed tremendous interest and for that reason we thought of coming with a sequel.” He credited television for the success of commando.
Vidyut is in nation’s capital to promote commando 2 and after interview he still keeps the conversation alive and focused and said,” it’s a great feeling and prompts you to work harder.” here are some excerpts from the interview.

On action films: I love doing actions movies i think I am good at it. I don’t have problem with an image of being best action hero. Would you mind to be at number one at anything you do? It’s my conscious effort to do best action movies.

Who inspired Vidyut with their fitness?: I am a big fan of Ajay devgan and Akshay Kumar and i also love Jackie chain. But I am used to of watching a lot of YouTube videos featuring extremely fit athletes and believe very few people can do what these athletes achieve. So when you compete with them, the competition gets even better and you got inspired by lots of youngsters on YouTube.

Will he not do action movies?: Commando has lots of romance also. I am doing lots of scene other than that of action movies. Recently I shot for Tigmanshu Dhulia’s Yaara which is a romantic drama. But doing action films is my love.

Would you mind as a big star in South and less popular in North?: If you are good at anything you are totally good in this work and if you aren’t recognised in Russia for that than this fact doesn’t bother you at all. I know a lots of actors who are not popular in abroad but doing well here. So, as you are doing good work .it’s fine.

On commando series: Commando 1 did very well business and commando 2 is for those who love action. Commando 2 is quite different from commando 1. These films are like James Bond series. All parts are different from each other and one can watch all these series in any order. Frankly speaking the the action in commando is better than anything i have ever seen. We tried to surpass that we did in first past.

Working with Esha Gupta: I m known to Esha from my modelling days. We have done a lots of shows together and think she is one of my best friends in industry. For the first time I worked with Adad Sharma and had a great time working with both the girls.

Recent movie he liked: I loved Dangal and Jolly LLB 2. Nobody else can do that Amir Khan did in Dangal and Akshay Kumar did in Jolly LLB 2. Like I can say nobody else can do what I am doing in Commando 2.

Pressure to do business of 100 crore or 200 crore: I am an actor and it’s totally a producers and directors problem. I know some actors got worried too much about it but I am not among one of them. I m hired to do a particular work and I did it well now, it’s not my destiny if film doesn’t do well. I have done my job well.

On success and failure: I consider failure as a stepping stone in my career. When I step into the industry, I wanted to be a number one action hero of my generation. And now I feel I have achieved much. I am an outsider and want to say that anything that comes my way from here will be a bonus but I will work very hard for it.

Vidyut jokingly days, “I am the best. “And Adah Sharma co-actor in movie certifies, “He is one man army.” There could not be a better timing to promote the film’s tag line.


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