Mercedes Ran Over 17 Years Old Boy In Delhi


A 17-year-old boy, Atul Arora was on his way home subsequent to dropping a friend at his house when his Scotty was smack by the spending vehicle approximately 11 pm yesterday in west Delhi’s Paschim Vihar. No arrest has been made in the case so far. Following the incident, the driver fled the spot subsequent to the head on collision. As per the police, the vehicle has been identified with the aid of CCTV footage.

As per the reports, the incident happened untimely happened early morning on Monday when the boy was driving a scooter. The speeding Mercedes lost control near G Block and smashed into the scooter. As per the sources alleged that the bang of collusion was such that the boy was flung into the air. Police alleged that the boy suffered heinous injuries to his head. The driver of the car fled from the spot directly after the incident. Officials from the police alleged that they have begun investigations and running towards tracking down the accused.

Subsequent to the accident the boy was rushed to the adjoining hospital by the guards working at G Block, nevertheless, he died in the hospital. Subsequent the incident, the Delhi Police have cataloged a case of bereavement due to negligence. This is the second incident of a road accident in the preceding 24 hours. In another incident, a policeman suffered injuries to his leg subsequent to a speeding car him near Vasant Kunj. The man was serving at the besiege when the car strikes him. The policeman suffered a fracture following the incident. The vehicle was afterward found discarded.

As per reports by police, ‘the incident took place just about 11 pm and we have leads regarding the car from footage of the occurrence captured in CCTV fixed at a shop in a close by market’. The minor had passed his class 11 exams previous week as per the sources.

Sunday’s incident is the most recent in the midst of quite a small number of fatal accidents involving high-end vehicles in the national capital region i.e. NCR. In January an over speeding BMW had rammed into an Uber cab slaughtering its driver in South Delhi’s Munirka area. The same month four people comprising a women techie were killed in Ghaziabad when a pacing Audi rammed head-on into an auto-rickshaw they were traveling in.

In the Ghaziabad, incident police faced allegations of annoying to guard the vehicle’s owner, a doctor. It also sparked public annoyance over alleged police inaction for the reason that of the car owner’s prosperous background. Official data illustrate a sharp rise in road accidents in India, one very four minutes and road crashes are recognized as number one killer of young men and women. more or less ninety-seven percent of the road accidents are caused by rash or not careful driving comprising drink driving, the data show,

However, a report had alleged that the number of deaths owed to the road accident in the national capital has been declining progressively in the past few years with fatalities going down from 2153 in 2010 to 1591 in 2016. According to Delhi police, analysis of accidents to come across out their causes, place and time of such happenings and types of offending vehicles and appropriate deployment of the night inspecting cum patrolling teams have donated to the go down in the number of fatalities on the roads.

Delhi traffic police have also recognized 176 accident-prone spots and appropriate remedial measures have been initiated in harmonization with road owning agencies, the Delhi police annual report states. It had alleged that severe action has been taken adjacent to drunken driving, goods vehicle plying throughout restricted hours on particular roads and heavy goods vehicles plying without defending devices.

Many other actions that have contributed to plummeting road accidents comprise classifying and repairing engineering faults and taking counteractive steps such as alacrity calming measures, iron grills, nose shield devices and signage marking accident-prone spots. Focused prosecution with prominence on over speeding, rash driving and action adjacent to commercial vehicles for contraventions of rules have helped to uphold better regulation on roads as per the reports.


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