"Phir Se Akhilesh" Campaign By Volunteers For SP-Congress In Varanasi


For SP congress alliance it is the nonpolitical volunteers who have edged out crosswise the city with the ‘Phir Sey Akhilesh’ message, similar to RSS cadre who are working without a sound for BJP. Thousands of volunteers comprising young women are campaigning for the alliance wearisome unique designed t-shirts imprinted with the slogans ‘ Phir Se Akhilesh’ and ‘UP ko yeh saath pasand hae’.

To choose up the volunteers ground mobilization started on 14 February at the same time as the special ‘ Chalo Kashi’ campaign was launched online on 1st March where interns concerned in functioning in Varanasi and sustaining the RG AY signed up to campaign for one week, a strategist in the Prashant Kishore team alleged.

A form was given out in which people packed up their name, number, and an alternative of assembly constituency and were assigned campaign duties which comprise performing street plays and a door to door campaign. The team mobilized the infancy in IIT BHU and other local institutes by speaking concerning the campaign and the circumstances in Varanasi. The majority of the volunteers are youthful educated professionals and students from the universities and villages who had voted for Modi three years ago and were disappointed with his presentation and there are many other who are overwhelmed with Akhilesh Yadav’s vision of expansion and the works assumed by him in his five years in power, he alleged.

This is one of the many hard works to make certain that young voters also take energetic part to get a firsthand experience of operating an election campaign. As of now, 5000 volunteers from crosswise the country together with a large number of students of IIT BHU are helping digitally and on the ground with the campaign. Interacting on how the lineup is going regarding in the campaign at the ground level, he alleged the ‘ chaiwallahs’ and ‘paanwallas’ of this region are being used dynamically for the ‘phir Se Akhilesh’ campaign with an endeavor of outdoing the ‘ chaiwallah’ campaign of the prime minister in Lok Sabha polls 2014.

The chaiwallahs and paan wallah are seen sporting the ‘phir Se Akhilesh’ and ‘UP ko yeh saath pasand hae’ t-shirts to venture a well-liked image of the alliance. Volunteers from the IIT BHU are getting out to tea vendors and other across the area and mobilizing their prop up for the alliance. A 30-second video that utters ‘main Banaras ka chaiwallah hoon and Mera saath Akhilesh Rahul ke gatbandhan ko hai’ i.e. I am a tea seller of Varanasi and I sustain the Akhilesh Rahul alliance is being shared on digital podiums and for the on-ground campaign. There is a special plunge on encouraging the women electorate.

He also added that ‘in UP where women are unspecified to be voting as per the family diktats, young women are playing a lively role in the campaigning by the volunteering for Rahul Gandhi and Akhilesh Yadav’s door to door campaign’. In the rural community and city spaces of Varanasi, you will stumble on women volunteers heading door to door seeking prop up for the alliance. Around 50 women volunteers per assembly fragment are hauling the message of the chief ministerial candidate, Akhilesh Yadav. They also clutch with them the sixteen key tips of the alliance in the form of a calendar.

He also hassled that ‘ to make their appeal a more personalized one they visit each home introducing themselves as having the approach from ‘Akhileshji’s place ‘ and state that they have brought a letter from the chief minister for them’. The alliance’s campaign is centered in the region of highlighting the ‘ failed promises’ of the prime minister and anticipate that it will pay off for the Rahul Akhilesh team on all the eight assembly seats in Varanasi which is an issue of prestige for the BJP being Narendra Modi’s parliamentary electorate.

The alliance has also organized a video ‘Dard e Banaras’ to aim the alleged lack of expansion in this high profile constituency which is based on interviews with the locals on the presentation of their MP in the preceding three years. It shows Narendra Modi and his promises like cleanout of Ganga and cleanliness of Varanasi and the local views. The video goes on explain the state of River Ganga, the dirt on the roads and basic facilities in this historical and religious city. These videos are played on campaign raths or video vans pursuing around Kashi. It is also used seriously on Facebook and Whatsapp groups in Varanasi and surrounding areas.

The two-minute videos have attained over 200000 people in and around Varanasi. He sums up by alleging that ‘two sons of Uttar Pradesh have brought the whole central government on the roads of Varanasi and this is a verification of whether it is the wave of BJP here or the fear of alliance’. Voting will seize a place in the area on 8th March in the final phase of polling and counting is the place for 11th March.


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