Aadhaar Card Database Is Fully Safe And Secured: UIDAI


UIDAI: It is the agency which handles the “Aadhaar project”- as per a statement of it bio-metric data of individuals enrolled done by it are totally safe and secure. This statement rejected the recent reports which claimed that the security of Aadhaar data has been ruptured.

The Unique identification Authority of India has refused the reports of misusing and breaching of security of Aadhaar data of all the individuals.

The clarification by UIDAI has come in the wake of reports which claimed that the Aadhaar data was breached and biometrics details were misused for creating parallel databases by some interested parties.

UIDAI termed such reports as ‘misinformation’ and asserted that there has been “no incident of misuse of Aadhaar biometrics leading to identity theft and financial loss.”


  1. Agency named UIDAI has carefully gone into these reports in newspapers and websites and would like to highlight that there has been no rupture to UIDAI database of Aadhaar in any way whatsoever and personal data of every individual held by UIDAI are safe and secure.
  2. One of world’s most advanced encryption technologies is used by UIDAI in transmission and storing the data. As a result, in these last 7 seven years, there has been no report of breach or leak of data out of UIDAI.
  3. UIDAI is continuously modernizing its security parameters looking at the new threats in the internet. Security audits are also been taken place by the agency and takes necessary steps to augment all its security features.
  4. UIDAI has decided to have registered devices for the purpose of capturing biometrics data and after that such biometrics will be encrypted at the point of capture itself. This will further brace the security features of the Aadhaar ecosystem.
  5. Referring to one incident of misuse of biometrics, UIDAI said, “It is an isolated case of an employee working with a bank’s Business Correspondent’s company making an attempt to misuse his own biometrics which was detected by UIDAI internal security system and subsequently actions under the Aadhaar Act have been initiated.”
  6. The guidelines which comes under the Aadhaar Act strictly regulate the on-boarding, functioning as well as the data sharing restrictions enforced on the companies that want to use Aadhaar information.

Apart from these major points few more points are also been put forward by the agency. As they are working for so long time and one of the most trusted agencies of Indian Government we can at least trust it and its statements for a while.


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