Assembly Election Results 2017 : Saffron Holi Everywhere Except Punjab


As the counting of the votes of the Assembly election results began today, one thing is clear that the Modi wave is still intact. PM Narendra Modi’s BJP is all going to set the huge landslide victory in the India’s populous state Uttar Pradesh. Not only this, BJP is also sweeping the neighboring Uttarakhand. The results of the Goa are yet to come, but congress is having a small edge over the ruling BJP as of now there. In Manipur, BJP is performing more than the expectations and its leading till 11 of the morning. In this Article, we will discuss the election results of all the five states.

U.P Election Results

The results coming on the television screen amazed everyone as BJP is winning the elections in the state with 1/3rd majority. There are 403 assembly seats in the UP and BJP is leading in more than the 306 seats, which is huge and unpredictable. The biggest setback came in UP for the newbie alliance SP-Congress who have been restricted to 70 seats only. The alliance may not even be able to touch the mark of the 3-digits in the seats. Mayawati’s BSP scored poorer in this election. As of now, they are just in the in the lead of the 20 seats. It looks like the alliance between the Samajwadi Party and Congress wasn’t accepted by the people of UP at all.

With the results, one thing is clear that BJP’s development agenda and PM Modi’s wave has been accepted by the public just like the Lok Sabha elections result. BJP is all set to enjoy the massive victory in the UP elections as the party’s now ahead with more than 300 seats. The interesting part was that no exit poll predicted such a huge win for the BJP but they predicted that BJP is going to be the biggest party in the UP. From the internal feuds in the Samajwadi Party in coalition with the Congress party, there are many things that didn’t come out in the favor of the ruling party. Now, it is the perfect time for the CM Akhilesh Yadav to assess his party’s poor performance in this election and resolve all the internal issues in the party if they want to stand the SP again. The worst performance of the Mayawati’s BSP is a sign that she must leave doing politics on the basis of religion. She played the card of giving 100 seats to the Muslims was the biggest mistake of her. So, UP has decided PM Modi’s vision and development agenda unconditionally.

Punjab Election Results

The elections of Punjab had the most curiosity because of the triangular fight between the Congress-AAP-SAD+. There were many exit polls predicting that newbie AAP is going to give a tough competition to the Congress, but reality isn’t like that at all. Congress is winning the Punjab elections with a clear majority and it’s already leading to 70 seats in the state. The biggest sad news came today for the Arvind Kejriwal’s Aam Aadmi Party was that the party was failed to give competition to the congress. AAP is bagging the second the position in the state with the lead of 25 seats, followed by the ruling SAD-BJP with meager 19 seats. After the UP elections, the results of Punjab assembly elections were most awaited as exit polls showed AAP in a great position. But sadly, nothing happened like that.

Congress Party’s CM Candidate Captain Amarinder Singh, who was contesting from the two seats, one from Lambi against the CM Prakash Singh Badal and one from Patiala (Urban), is losing the seat Lambi seat and going to win from his pet seat Patiala. Navjot Singh Sidhu is winning his seat from Amritsar (East) with a big lead as expected. The Kejriwal’s AAP performed beneath the expectations, but fighting the elections for the very first time in the state and winning the good amount of seats is a not a bad deal for the party completely.

GOA Election Results

Goa is a small state and is being ruled by the BJP from the last five years. As of now, the Congress party is leading in Goa with 11 seats in their hands, while BJP is following them with 8 seats in their hands. There are total 40 assembly seats in the state. Other parties are also leading in five seats. There’s also no good news for the AAP who are fighting the elections in the state for the first time as a Kejriwal’s party is failing to even open on one seat in the state. The election results of the state would be cleared in some hours. As of now, Congress is the biggest party in the Goa, but quite far from the majority.

Uttarakhand Election Results

The Saffron party is dethroning the Congress Chief Minister Harish Rawat with a big margin. There are total 70 seats in the state, and the BJP is already leading with 52 seats, whereas Congress is just getting restricted to 15 seats. This will be a big alarm for the Congress party as they are losing one more state to the BJP. The extraordinary performance of BJP in the Uttarakhand is an indication that BJP is still among the favorites in the many states. It seems like that BJP has not been affected by their Demonetization move. It is a big loss for the Congress party.

Manipur Election Results

The great news for the Saffron party is coming from the Manipur as BJP never performed great in the state. As of now, the BJP is leading the state with 13 seats, followed with 12 seats by Congress party and 13 seats to the others. There are total 60 seats in the State and it looks like there might be a hung assembly in the state. Manipur was never famous for the BJP, but it’s performing quite well in the state. It will be in cleared in the couple of hours that which party wins the state or it will be hung assembly.


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