Delhi On High Alert Over Intelligence IS Hiding In City


The capital of India has put on red alert by the intelligence agencies as a terror attack has been predicted in the Country. The next-door to Delhi like Noida, Gurgaon, and Ghaziabad have also been asked to keep a tight vigil. The Security agencies have alerted in Delhi of two ISIS Khorasan terrorists hiding in the national capital over the intelligence reports. This alert came just after a few days of the Lucknow encounter of over 11-hour operation in which a suspected terrorist was killed later.

According to the initial reports, the ISIS men present in the country is still on the run and there are many chances of them hiding in the National Capital. The security has been beefed up in the Delhi and also in the overcrowded places. Parliament’s security has also been beefed up. On Thursday, vehicle checks were strengthened and also barricades were put on every 500 meters in South Delhi. The reports said that two suspects are on the run to create trouble on Holi festival in the national capital and its neighboring areas. It also reveals that the ISIS’s Khorasan module had planned on targeting three places – a shrine in Barabanki, Sarnath, and Varanasi. The suspected two terrorists are supposed to be with heavily armed weapons and also explosives too.

The terrorist Saifullah was gunned down after a 12-hour-long operation, which was carried out to hold him alive. The ATS tried from tear gas as well as a chilly bomb to abandon him from the hiding place, but he never came out. He was later killed during a gunfight with the police. Saifullah was the suspected to have the involvement in the blast in a train in Madhya Pradesh that injured 10 people. On Wednesday, the seventh arrest was made from Auriya in Uttar Pradesh in connection with the Tuesday’s blast on the Bhopal-Ujjain passenger train. The initial reports revealed that Saifullah and members of his group were radicalized online by the Islamic State propaganda. Inspired from this, they made their very own IS outfit named as ‘ISIS Khurasan’.

The patrolling in crowded markets like Chandni Chowk, Paharganj and Sadar Bazaar has been increased and vigil at railway stations and airports are also beefed up. The strong vigil on the various metro stations and bus terminals has been kept to save the capital from any trouble through the terror activity. The senior police officers held meetings with the officials of the intelligence agencies to discuss the security details and arrangements. The security agencies are on their toes and making all efforts to catch the terrorists as soon as possible.


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