Delhi Gangrape By 5 Men: Woman Jumped From 1st Floor Balcony


The National Capital of Delhi has already witnessed many brutal crimes on Women. It has been always a question the National Capital is safe for the Women or not.  On Sunday, Delhi police arrested 5 men, including an engineer, for allegedly gang-raping a 28-years old woman in east Delhi’s Pandav Nagar. The victim is a divorced mother of two from Nepal. In her complaint, she alleged that the men had locked her in a flat and raped her from Saturday night to Sunday morning. She was confined, drugged and raped by the five men, including one who was known to her. In a try to escape from the place, the victim reportedly jumped off from the balcony of the first floor and also suffered minor injuries.

The Police officer said, “Allegedly to save herself after being gang-raped by five men, a 28-year-old divorcee and mother-of-two leaped from the first floor of a rented accommodation in east Delhi’s Pandav Nagar on Sunday morning.” The Delhi Police arrest five accused and questioning them regarding the brutal crime. All the accused are in their 20s. The Police said that three of the accused were BPO employees, while one works at a financial company in Delhi and one was unemployed. The incident happened when the victim allegedly went to the Pandav Nagar flat on Saturday with one of his known identified as Vikas, told her to wait in the room for him as he had to go for some work. Therefore, all the accused men forced her to consume alcohol and allegedly locked her in the room. After this, the victim was raped by the five men.

She tried to escape by jumping from the first floor of the flat on a Sunday morning. The victim was reportedly seen walking naked on the road and asking for the help, but the passer-by cruelly refusing her. The Police were informed by a PCR call at around 5.30am from the woman and found her sitting by the roadside. Later, she was taken to the LBS Hospital where doctors treated her injuries (after jumping from the first floor of a flat) and counseled her too.  The woman has sustained minor injuries on her legs and has been admitted to the Lal Bahadur Shastri Hospital for treatment and examination. We have registered a case and arrested the five persons,” said Omvir Singh, Deputy Commissioner of Police (East).

The Delhi police have started probing the case and are looking into the case from all angles. According to the police, since the time she gave the statement, the victim has changed her statement twice. All the accused are claiming the different story to the police and saying that the woman was into the prostitution and they have called her for the Paid sex. The official said, “When cops interrogated all the accused, they claimed they knew the woman was into prostitution. On Saturday night, they called her to their house in Pandav Nagar to have paid sex for Rs 5,000 during a house party. Once the deal was fixed, one of them – who already knew her – went to pick her. But there was a dispute over money and she jumped off the building and called the police.”

The Police are questioning the Woman.  According to the reports, the police have conducted the medical tests on the woman to find out her claims are true or not. The cops are also trying to get something from the CCTV footage. The police claimed that the Woman is unemployed and lives with two children. It is still not clear that who’s speaking the truth. But the cops are investigating the incident with all the angles, and things will get cleared in the coming days.


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