Delhi Look-alike London Promised By Arvind Kejriwal: MCD Election 2017


Arvind kejriwal while inaugurating civics amenities in three areas in Delhi promised to give city’s civics makeover and make Delhi to look like London, if his party voted to power the upcoming municipal polls. He promised to clean up the nation’s capital within one year and claimed that his two year old government has done what that the BJP dispensation in Chhattisgarh and Madhya Pradesh failed to do in 10 15 years of time period.

He said,” In assembly polls you gave us 67 seats but this time don’t leave any such gap because if we win municipal polls we will clean up the city and make it to look like London with one year.” During the MCD election campaign in Uttam nagar, he sought to woo the residents of unauthorised colonies from the places that lack basic amenities. He said ,” we already had sent the proposal to central government for proper  regulation of unauthorized colonies in Delhi  but the issue is pending in Delhi high court.”

While addressing the crowd at Uttam Nagar kejriwal accused the civic bodies of corruption and said councillors were pocketing the funds that are given to them for development purpose. While accusing BJP and congress councillors he said, before elections BJP and Congress councillors used to roam around on bicycles and scooters but everything is different after just one election. Now, each councillor has five cars and many more things. But once we win in MCD we will work for our nation not for ourself and within one year we will make Delhi so spike and span that you can comfortably compare it with London.

Meanwhile, during his public rally, few residents of this area led by former congress leader Mukesh Sharma who is MLA, showed black flag to Arvind kejriwal. Peoples raised up slogans against kejriwal and burnt effigies alleging that the work which began four years ago was yet not completed.

Besides of all these promises he made he added the promise that he made during assembly election poll such as water and electricity subsidy scheme have been fulfilled by AAP government and by hitting BJP and Congress and said No state government had carried out such amount of work in their respective state in any other part of the country, that is done by AAP government in Delhi. Allegating congress for corruption he said, the former government in Delhi was hand in gloves with power distribution companies.

He said ,” During Sheila Dikshit’s time , electricity rates used to increase every year but from last two years in our rule, we did not the rates to increase even we decreased the power supply rates then why didn’t BJP and Congress could do the same? We promised to reduce the rates of power supply and water by half and we successfully did it. “

Peoples of Delhi are paying only 1,370 rupees  for 400 units of electricity, whereas in  Uttar Pradesh, it is Rs 2,600 for 400 units and in Gujarat it Rs 2,700  and people in Mumbai pay Rs 4,000 for the same units of electricity.

He said our government inaugurated portable water tap project at Malviya Nagar and also inaugurated a project for sewerage system in Uttam Nagar and VIkaspuri and a project for laying a trunk sewer line in Patparganj.

But while remembering all his earlier promises he forget some of these that he promised during his assembly election campaign two years ago. He promised to give corruption free government and promise to clean the Indian polity But as it seems now he failed to get either of his promise because firstly he had to look into his own party to make it corruption free. After so much series of scam in India he promised to give transparency in governance but he is failed in doing so, even his own government is not transparent to public.

During his assembly election campaign he promised to end up the VIP culture. At that time he said ,” In all developed countries, even PM of country wait in a queue at bus stand then why can’t we could do the same in our country? “he also rejected the facilities that was given to him after he became CM but after sometime he forget all his promises and he jumped from MARUTI to TOYOTA and said the reason behind this was security concerns.  Can we ask him where was all these security concerns when he spend his all night on road when ihe become CM for 45 days for the first time.

He promised youth to give free WiFi so that large number of people can access internet facilities on their smartphones and laptop but may be after becoming CM he forget his promise when he realised that in our nation’s capital there are so many number of peoples who don’t have even smartphones then. The promise of free WIFI was only a sweet dish for youth who are strongly addicted to WhatsApp and Facebook. He also promised to bring statehood to Delhi and promised to give 24*7 safety to public. He alleged central government for not giving control over law and order. But after all these facilities he is not successful in providing security to public and it seems like that he is unable to do anything for women empowerment.

AAP government promised the this is government for AAM JANATA . Every time after making promise he forget and get busy in this politics. This time again he promised and appalled for votes for public in large number and said,” we don’t have enough money to contest in election so you all have to help us. Tell 100 persons to vote for AAP for neat and clean Delhi.”

Give all 272 seats to AAP because you already have seen congress and BJP, both these parties are corrupt only APP will work for you. In Delhi there are three municipal corporation bodies i.e East, West and North and all will go to poll next month in April.


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