Rahul Gandhi Name Suggested For Guinness Book Due To His Achievement


Rahul Gandhi, vice president of congress party , is facing a tough time in his political career by losing back to back elections across the country, once again is making a headline. This time he is in limelight for a very unique reason and probably achieved something that no Indian politician ever achieved.  Rahul Gandhi is facing massive revolt within his party for losing all the elections since 2013 and has made a mockery of himself.

An  engineering student, Vishal Diwan from Hoshangabad Madhya Pradesh has approached Guinness Book of World Records and requested to enlist Rahul Gandhi’s name for losing back to back  27 elections in the country. He believes that the fact behind the lose of 27 elections of congress party during the span of five years is somewhere Rahul’s active participation in election campaign and also due to his media interaction.

As a matter of fact , his number of consistent losses are more than enough to get qualified for record book and in order to fulfil his wish Diwan has written a letter to the administration of Guinness Books and have paid the enrollment fees for that. Diwan also received the confirmation of acceptance of his application but till now the US Based record book has not confirmed whether this request is being acceptable or not.

So many times Rahul Gandhi has been the butt of jokes for his political knowledge and his speeches. Rahul Gandhi who faced the worst rout in the UP elections and always called himself UP Ke Ladke, but he was so ill informed. Recently congress vice president was trolled on social networking sites for a press conference with Samajwadi party’s Akhilesh Yadav, where he forgot the total number of seats in UP assembly election. All his speeches have turned out to be self goals and Congress is facing tough time defending their leader.

In all the recently conducted elections congress losses four out of five state. Despite of winning large number of seats in Goa and Manipur, congress party couldn’t form the government due to lack of coordination and involvement of smaller parties costed them huge. The most humiliating incident for party in UP election is that even in places like Amethi and Raebareli, which are the Lok Sabha constituencies of Rahul Gandhi  and Sonia Gandhi respectively, the congress party couldn’t able to get the seats and lost their own constituencies. These constituencies are home turf of Gandhi’s family From decades.  This time Congress party could only manage to form Government in Punjab where they defeated Shiromani Akali Dal and BJP alliance.

These results and incident are enough to measure the intelligence of Rahul Gandhi. However their arrogance has no end since Congress still believes that Gandhis are the GOD and no one can ever question them. On one side where PM Modi is making Guinness World Record for all good work and on other side he is the leader, who is publicizing his foolishness to the world as a record.


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