SRK Changes A Man's Life Will Make You Respect Him More


Shahid Kamal Ahmad, this name is not known to you all but he is a celebrity of gaming industry and a well known name in play station gaming industry and has a great fan following on social media.  Six years ago Shah Rukh khan changed his life and this shows that how kind hearted king khan is.

Recently in a series of tweets Shahid Kamal has given the credit of all the success that he achieved in his life to the one and only Badshah, Shah Rukh khan. He shared how he meet king Khan and how SRK changed his perspective towards life and helped him to become a better person and inspired him to achieve success in his life. About all this he tweeted on the social media and shared his story that how SRK motivated him.

On 4 March, he tweeted,” six years ago, today the one and only SRK treated me to dinner in Langkawi.  Together we worked on a game. He is a complete gentleman And not only did we have dinner, afterwards he treated me to a beautiful Cuban cigar bought from the hotel (at that time he was filming Don 2).”

“At that time I was still a kind of loser but he showed me that the nice guys can be winner and his ethics inspired my life changes” he tweeted.

He tweeted, “He showed me just how good-hearted and decent an extraordinarily gifted and successful a man can be. Nice guys did not have to finish last. I was nobody more than Just a small fang in a games company. But Shah Rukh treated me with respect and honour. I was completely modested.”

Shahid also tweeted that he did not like his films when he was young. He added, “I did not like Shah Rukh’s films in my earlier age. I was a doubtic and feel aggrieved about success. He totally changed my life. Now I used to smile when my wife watches his movies. “

Shahid said,” When we met in London, he invited me to a private screening of the unreleased movie in his hotel. He by his own brought drink to me. He represented the power of service to me and after that I was changed. I brought the attitude that he showed me in 2011 and literally i realised I had to change from inside to match that attitude.”

Shah Rukh khan might meet Shahid six years back but he still remember Shahid Kamal Ahmad yet. King Khan replied to all his tweets and asked him for his health and life. Their conversation is:

SRK replied, “How are you my man, miss you. You showed respect to taking Indian film stuff into gaming, thanks, be well.”

Shahid replied, “My wife just watched Dilwale and loved it. You totally changed my life and career. I love to thank you personally one day, God bless you.”

SRK tweeted,” Shahid let me know where are you , I will come and see you. Are You still gaming??”

Shahid replied, “I am making VR games now, I’m just outside London. My email is: Happy to show you VR at your place.”

SRK replied, “Shahid i will mail you and meet next time I am in London. Do well and give my love to your wife.”

Shahid tweet,” I just passed on your message and I think she had a little heart attack haha.”
It has been a long time since Shah Rukh is ruling the Indian film industry. He has won millions of heart with his acting and charm, and on the same time has also inspired thousands with the hard work he has done to achieve success in his life. When he is not giving powerful performances on the big screen, he is still winning hearts of all the lives he touches and you didn’t need more to respect him.


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