CM Yogi In Action New Rules In Schools And Other Places


The fire brand BJP’s politician and newly elected Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh Yogi Adityanath orders that the teachers of the state cannot wear T-shirts or Jeans during the working hours. The government of the Yogi is making efforts to promote the PM Modi’s ‘Swacch Bharat Abhiyan’ too by taking a decision to promote cleanliness in the schools. The school premises have been guided to keep the school clean and inspection could be done by the Sankul Prabhari any time. Officials of the Schools are also directed to clean the spots on the walls like pan masala etc by tomorrow.

The Government also cleared that teachers should not use any tobacco products during the school time like pan masala, gutka, cigarettes etc. Otherwise, it will take stern action if anyone found doing the guilty. This newly elected government is leaving no stone to improve the law and order situation in the state. Yogi Adityanath’s government has ordered to the School Administrations that they have to make sure that there’s no betel shop near the school. If there is any shop near the school, then it must get shut as soon as possible. Along with this, the government also said that Prayers must be done every day properly and manual bells should be used in the schools. To stop the unnecessary mobile usage in the Schools, the government ordered that mobile phones should not be used pointlessly during the school time. To take stern actions on the eye-teasing cases in the Schools, the government ordered that girls who are facing eye-teasing must inform the school administration straight away and the stern actions will be taken on them. It looks like that CM Yogi is in no mood to take the issues of eye-teasing lightly.

Coming to the topic of teacher’s can’t wear T-shirts or Jeans during the school time, the Director inspector of Schools (DIoS) Umesh Tripathi told Hindustan Times that teachers will wear only those clothes that suit their profession and have to be in well-dressed formals. She said, “School Teachers should avoid such type of clothes which compromise the dignity of the profession.”  Umesh Tripathi also said that the issue will be discussed first with the higher authorities before implementing it. “Presently it is expected that the School teachers would avoid casual wears like jeans and T-shirts to maintain the dignity of the profession as they are the most respected class of the society,” said Tripathi.

We can’t say that this general issue of teaching should wear T-shirts or Jeans or not is going to work for the government or not. The government must realize that issues like the quality of education and literacy rate of the state are much bigger issues than talking about what Indian school teachers wear or not. In 2012, the education department of Haryana issued a directive to school teachers asking them not to wear jeans during the school time. But the decision was withdrawn later. This weird decision of Yogi’s government is not easy to digest for anyone. We just hope that the government will think again about the decision and talk to the higher authorities before implementing it in the state.


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