Minster Navjot Sidhu Cannot Continue With Comedy Shows Anymore


The cricketer-turned-Politician Navjot Singh Sidhu, who has been elected as the Punjab’s local body, tourism, and cultural minister just a week ago, have to leave the famous ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’. Yesterday, the Punjab Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh came in the support of the Sidhu and said that he can continue his Television if he wants to but his ministry may need to change (Cultural) if there’s any conflict of interest. But now, it seems like that nothing works out in the favor of the Navjot Sidhu as advocate general said that if he continues his Television work that it would be called ‘Unconstitutional’.

The Assistant Solicitor General Pinki Anand with the central government was clear about her opinion. She said, “I think he has to be very clear when a person becomes a minister he/she takes an oath under the constitution. You can’t continue in a private position once you take an oath.” It is going to be a big setback for the Sidhu as he said yesterday in Amritsar to the media that he earns money through TV and he could not start bus business like Sukhbir Singh Badal to earn money. The local body minister Sidhu said, “I cannot be a transporter like former deputy CM of Punjab Sukhbir Badal. I cannot be corrupt to mint money. I can’t ditch my people who voted me to power. I do TV shows to earn money to run my family and meet expenditure.” The minister also said that he does not understand that while his voters have no issues of him doing Television that why his detractors are ‘feeling pain in the stomach’. The cricketer-turned-politician also said that politics is his passion and not his profession.

The local body minister also added that he shoots for just four days in a month and that too during the night time. “My voters have no problem with my TV shows. Because of their love and blessings, I and my wife won six elections … I fail to understand why somebody has pain in the stomach due to my TV shows. What I do from 7 pm to 6 am should not be somebody’s business. I have already left my 75 percent work related to TV shows, stopped IPL and what else do they want. Should I stop earning?” Sidhu raised. Minister Navjot Sidhu was in Amritsar to pay obeisance at the Golden Temple and Durgiana Mandir after winning the elections by a huge margin. After this, Sidhu paid tributes to the martyrs at the Historic Jallianwala Bagh.

The CM Captain Amarinder Singh said yesterday that he’ll take constitutional help as he’s not aware of it that he can do TV or not. “If it is possible, we have no objection… Why will we? In this case, we will have to do only one thing… Since he is also Minister of Culture, we have may have to change his portfolio,” Captain said. The CM also praised the local body minister and said that we’ll take the constitutional provision of the Advocate General. “He is a very senior and intelligent person. I do not know the constitutional provision, so we have asked the AG to look at it also, but I am sure even Navjot Sidhu must have asked a constitutional expert whether this is possible or not.” The Chief Minister Captain added.

Sidhu quit the BJP last year, after which he negotiated with Aam Aadmi Party but when things didn’t work out between them, he chooses to go to the Congress. There is no doubt that Sidhu played a big role in making congress come into the power in Punjab after 10 years. The local body minister never wanted to leave the TV (The Kapil Sharma Show) as that’s one of the biggest sources of income for him but, now it looks like that Sidhu have to bid a bye to the TV. Navjot Singh is not going to be the first person who has to leave the professional work, Arun Jaitley, Sonia Gandhi and Jaya Bachchan also has to go through the same process. Arun Jaitley left his legal practice in 2009 after taking over as the leader of the opposition in the Rajya Sabha. Samajwadi Party MP Jaya Bachchan was disqualified from Rajya Sabha when she was found as holding an office of profit as chairman of the UP Film Development Council. In the coming days, it is interesting to see what will be the take of Sidhu on the issue and will he leave the much-hyped ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’ or not.


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