PM Modi Is Upset with The Absence Of BJP Collegue In Meeting


Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who is acknowledged to be a closely controlled and tough task master, is allegedly upset with his party colleagues for not attending the Parliament sessions accordingly he articulated unhappiness on Tuesday over lack of quorum repeatedly causing holdup in Parliament’s functioning and asked BJP members to make sure their presence as he said that he can call any of them at any time.

The prime minister’s direction appeared at the party’s parliamentary summit in the national capital. The ongoing budget session of Parliament that set up on January 31 will bring to a close on April 12. He told them at a BJP Parliamentary Party meeting that attending Parliament is their essential responsibility and added deprecatingly that he can carry out a lot of things but cannot be present in both the Houses on their behalf.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, advised his colleagues that if he discovers any MP absent from the Houses any valid reason, he would not be indecisive in personally and can give them a call asking for clarification. PM Modi also articulated his unhappiness above some BJP MPs who don’t have in detail knowledge of the significant Goods and Services Tax (GST) Bill.

Modi marked off parliamentarians after Ananth Kumar( parliamentary affairs minister) spoke about incidents of lack of quorum and empty benches in both the Parliamentary Houses, including Monday where a number of questions were not taken up in the Rajya Sabha as the ministers were not there to answer them. In some cases, many members who had lifted up the questions were not present moreover and towards the ending of the question hour, merely a handful of ministers like Sanjeev Balyan and Nirmala Sitharaman were in attendance but both of are not the part of the union cabinet.

The short attendance of the ministers encouraged the Congress members to grumble to Rajya Sabha chairman Hamid Ansari who as a result said, ‘This is not a pleased state of affairs.’ Leader of the Opposition in the Rajya Sabha, Ghulam Nabi Azad said, ‘This is an instance of maximum ministers, minimum governance.’

Ananth Kumar prompting the Prime Minister to say it should not be about appealing MPs to be present as it is their fundamental responsibility. BJP members said that PM Mod told them that it did not matter to him if they were in the Central Hall, a place to host joint sittings of Parliament where MPs often meet for informal discussions, as what is significant is that they should be inside the Rajha Sabha and Lok Sabha while the proceedings are happening.

‘I can call any of you any time,’ he told them, a member said, adding together that Modi sounded discontented over absenteeism.

In the past PM Modi often asked members to ensure their presence but this is the first time he has spoken about in such detail and talked tough.

PM Modi reportedly reminded remarks of an RSS functionary that however the Hindutva Organization had extend far and wide, and its members had a lot of work to do but did not have time to attend meeting or Shakha.

Similarly, MPs also seemed to have so much of work that they do not have time to be present at Parliament, which must not be the case, he said. As legislative bodies of numerous numbers of people of their constituency, it is their vital duty to attend the House proceedings, he said.

Kumar said in his briefing that Modi also placed out the road map for the party as it gears up to commemorate its foundation day on April 6 and Dalit idol Bhim Rao Ambedkar’s birth centenary on April 14.


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