SS Rajamouli Explains How Bahubali 2 Is Different From The First One


Bahubali: the Beginning 2015, an impressive fictional drama got both loves and clapping from the audience. The excitement of such an achievement is now expected from its sequel, Bahubali: Daggubati, release, the conclusion releasing on 28th April. In the present day in Mumbai at the film’s trailer launch event director SS Rajamouli film’stars PrabhaDaggubati, presenter of the film’s Hindi version Karan Johar and Anil Thandani of AA Films were present. Rajamouli made a significant declaration on turning Bahubali into a franchise for the period of an interaction with the media.

The murmur around this movie is very strapping due to the grand ending of the first part and the director SS Rajamouli alleged that he is scheduling to show the first part once more this week before the second edition hits theaters on 28th April. He said at the trailer launch of Hindi version of Bahubali: got .the conclusion that ‘ we are planning to release part one possibly one or two weeks prior to the release of part two in southern states so people can get back into the description ‘.

Even the star cast of the movie are enchanted by the rejoinder that target. Rana alleged that ‘the fans are pleased with it. It’s over welcoming to be a part of the film’. Even though the Tamil trailer was trickled a few hours earlier than the release, it didn’t lessen the vogue in the midst of people. Rajamouli alleged that ‘this particular thing is either owing to leakage or piracy; it is due to some technical malfunction on facebook. The video which was to be on confidential mode went on public mode. But fans are contented that we came in the early hours. All is well that ends well’. It’s not just the Indian fans that are going mad with reference to the trailer but even the international ones. People contrast Baahubali’s new trailer to James Cameron’s cinema who is the man behind many blockbuster movies such as Titanic and Avatar.

He alleged that’ Bahubali is going to be a franchise. But Bahubali the motion picture will only be part one and two.  As I did not wish for to kill a golden goose just because I desire to make money. Just because we have a market, I do not want to put up for sale the film’s soul. We are going to go on the world of BahuBali in dissimilar mediums like the novel, comics, virtual reality films etc so that the fans can take pleasure in stories’.

Rajamouli also spoke on how there were a few enhancements in filming the action sequences for Bahubali 2. He alleged that ‘The film is a continuance of the first film. I have just upped the effects and action series, the story is not retouched. He added that ‘we just gash the story into two films because the story was immense lengthwise and it was not the idea to create a franchise. The story should have the power to constrain us to create a franchise without a good sturdy, it will not last longer’.

For people who have not experienced the splendor of Bahubali, there is good news. Rajamouli and Thadani alleged that ‘we are releasing Baahubali once more one or two weeks previous to releasing Baahubali 2 so people can be aware of the story well’. When Rajamouli was asked why Kattappa killed Baahubali and how he reacted to the trolls that swamped social media after Baahubali he reacted by saying that ‘I believe that the trolling my film obtain is directly proportionate to the love my film has got. I am very sure that the film will acquire a grand first day, first show opening’.

SS Rajamouli is scheduling to compose yet another epic after the release of Bahubali: the conclusion, the sequel to his immensely successful Baahubali: the beginning. subsequent to the two-part epic that took three and a half years to make, Rajamouli will invest the subsequently four to five years in directing an epic trilogy based on Mahabharata. The director expressed his craving to do so the prior month. Just like Baahubali franchise this trilogy will also be elevated to virtual reality and adorned with modern graphics. It is expected that the trilogy will be completed with a budget of a whopping Rs 400 crore and it will shot in three languages i.e. Hindi, Telugu, and Tamil.

As per the reports, Shah Rukh Khan and Aamir khan have uttered their eagerness on being cast in the cinematic version of Mahabharata. While Aamir stated that he wishes to be Krishna and Shah Rukh khan also put on record his desire to play Karna. in view of the fact that Rajamoulli is planning to up the ante in his dream venture of Mahabharata trilogy casting these two huge superstars will not be an appalling idea


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