1 Million Muslims File Petition Against 3 Talaq


yet as the BJP and the opposition are still calculating if there was a move in Muslim votes towards the saffron party in UP that added to its landslide victory over a million Muslims from crosswise the country, generally women have by now signed a petition moved by RSS affiliated Muslim body Muslim Rashtriya Manch i.e. MRM aligned with the practice of triple talaq. The Muslim body RSS pracharak Indresh Kumar is the liaison from the Sangh’s side who directs the MRM has also called for a nationwide conversation on the matter that involves all the stakeholders.

The organization told India Today that’ this is a trouble of the community as well as the representatives from the state and the government must approach and sit down mutually to begin a debate on this so that Muslim women can declare a human status ‘. As the party itself puts it one of the chief contributing factors as it claims in its victory was an explicit support from Muslim women who were moved by the party’s stance on triple talaq as an oppressive practice that needed to be done away with.

Sidharth Nath Singh, party secretary and recently elected MLA from Allahabad West alleged that ‘three factors I presume defined our victory in the UP polls, first was Ujjawal scheme that provided LPG cylinders to deprived women, second was creation of toilets beneath the Swachh Bharat programme which also appealed to women and last but not the least our plunk on triple talaq’. He also alleged that ‘ for an extensive time when we were not in the government the BJP had and at a halt has the beliefs that gender parity is a must, irrespective of religion and caste’.

MRM national coordinator Mohammad Afzal alleged that ‘ the fact that the BJP was capable of getting Muslim votes in UP the fact that they also won the Muslim majority Deoband seat, that is extensive supposed to be the stranglehold of orthodox Ulema propose that the party and the central government necessitate heeding the voice of the Muslim women. Their hold up in polls is an implicit approval of the BJP’s stand on the issue’.

Another functionary of MRM on circumstances of anonymity claimed that’ the fact that the BJP did not field a sole Muslim candidate for the UP polls did not daunt women of the community to at least in part vote for the party’. Afzal also alleged that the traditional clergy of the community needed to wake up. he added that ‘ the fact that a terrorist was killed and his father condemned him in the light of the latter’s love for the nation and then a girl issues a fatwa adjacent to for singing all these things point to changing situation in India. They should wake up at the moment and stop trying to adapt the social evil of triple talaq from a social problem to a religion problem’.

Even the great grandson of Maulana Abul Kalam Azad a Muslim Congress leader of Indian history adorned Prime Minister Narendra Modi for his optimistic approach towards the Muslims. The Ulemas are taking the Muslim community, not in the medieval ages but the dark ages and towards the stone age’ alleged Firoze Ahmad Bakht.

preceding week Modi’s party won in an avalanche taking 312 seats out of a total of 403 the biggest preponderance for any party in UP since 1980. As per the most recent census, Muslims formulate up 18.5 percent of Uttar Pradesh’s 200 million strapping population, the largest state in India. Elected as a lawmaker of Allahabad West an electorate where 90, 000 of the total 4,00,000 voters are Muslim, Singh noted that even though Muslim women may have sustained the BJP it did not essentially bring the party more votes.

India is home to one of the major Muslim populations in the world but contrasting most Muslim majority countries it has not banned the practice of triple talaq. In Pakistan and Indonesia, the practice has been banned for years. As per the Quran, a man considered his conclusion for a period of three months subsequent to the primarily declared talaq. A divorce is only granted subsequent to the renaming two talaqs are stated. The three months period should permit for introspection and analysis between the couple and their families. The reality, on the other hand, is that women can be forced out of her home with slight notice. Progressively more it’s even being delivered by phone, text or email.

In current years the movement adjacent to triple talaq has picked up and India’s Supreme Court is due to start on ruling on it’s constitutionally afterward this month. Modi has also spoken out adjacent to the practice saying India cannot consent to the lives of Muslim women to be cleaned out by three words whispered on the phone.


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