Aamir Khan Slammed Yash Chopra And Dig At Shahrukh Khan


Bollywood is now well known to world and our superstars also have the same popularity in the world as Hollywood and some Chinese actors have but we are also famous for our internal sweet and salty fights which makes two or more superstars famous. This accident happens continuously in the Bollywood and fans of those superstar always supports their actor.

This is a case where the superstar who is famous for his motivational and inspirational movies Aamir khan and the king of Bollywood had some fights early on their careers. Aamir khan and Shahrukh Khan both are of same time and they got success in same time so they always has great competition with each other. In an interview when aamir was asked about shahrukh’s success he simply ignores shahrukh’s talent and told that he is doing the same as well.

when Aamir was asked about if he was desirous of shahrukh’s success since he was working with top banners, he said, “I would if I did not get the response I do from my viewers. I don’t think the audience respects me any less than it does Shah Rukh. That he has had two blockbusters in a row, there are other stars also in the industry who has the same like Anil had after Tezaab and later salman khan also has the same. It does not become a barometer for any star’s popularity and any star should not be judge by big banners and hits.

In the same interview, he also spoke about his and Yash Chopra topic for dropping him out of Darr, the role which eventually made SRK a household name. He said that first thing was, I did not walk out of Darr. I was removed from the film. Two, I was removed from the film because I asked for a joint narration with Sunny Deol. Initially, the director was ready, but later he changed his mind. When I insisted, he called to say ‘Aamir, let’s work some other time.’ So I said, ‘Fine’ I said that success and failure are not in my control. But using my verdict for choosing a success or a failure most certainly is. And I was using this judgement when I accepted Darr. When I said yes to Darr, I was absolutely sure of two things – one that the film was going to click and two, that I was going to enjoy doing the role. My doubts about my enjoying it, surfaced when the director refused to give a joint narration.

Those were old days but know days these two superstars are best what they do as aamir is giving best films one after other and shahrukh is still the king of Bollywood and giving superhit movies of his type. We know that both are superstar of their field and we will love them forever. They have given us so much for enjoy and they will remain in our hearts as always.


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