Nigerian Thrashed By Indian Mob In Greater Noida


The peaceful protest held by the protesters turned violent and several Nigerians were beaten up in Greater Noida on Monday. They were protesting over a teenage boy’s death because of alleged drug overdose by the Nigerians living in the area. Manish Khari died because of a cardiac arrest after a suspected overdose of drugs on Saturday. The attackers alleged that the class 12 student was drugged by the Africans who live in the society. Five Nigerians were then booked for murder, kidnapping and drug charges, but released them later due to lack of evidence.

On Monday, the protest turned violent when the victims were attacked while they came for their evening shopping near Pari Chowk. It was also said that the Nigerian girl was missing from 7 pm and found at a hospital around 10.30 pm. It is still not in the knowledge of anyone that what happened to the girl during that period, but the police chief Dharmendra Singh said that no abduction happened. “It’s a rumor to escalate tension in the area,” he said. The police arrested five people allegedly involve in this brutal incident and soon more people involving to it going to be arrested.

The external affairs minister of India, Sushma Swaraj, jumped into the matter and asked for the report by the Uttar Pradesh government. “I have asked for a report from the Government of Uttar Pradesh about the reported attack on African students in Noida,” she tweeted on Monday. The protesters were shouting slogans against Africans and also demanding the arrest of those behind the death of a class 12 student boy as the people accused the Nigerians living in the building of drugging the boy, who went missing on Friday evening and was found near the entrance of his colony in an overdose of drugs. According to an eyewitness, the crowd was peaceful until it reached Pari Chowk. “The crowd was peaceful until it reached Pari Chowk, but went out of control at the sight of Africans in the market. The protesters roughed up many black people until police intervened and baton-charged to disperse them,” an eyewitness said.

More than hundreds of protestors were gathered at Surajpur on Monday morning as they were not happy with the action of police after the death of a boy. The protestors were demanding the justice for the boy and surrounded outside the offices of the district magistrate and the senior superintendent of Police. Africans alleged that it was a racial attack on them and it has become difficult for them to even come outside of their homes. A Nigerian said, “The environment is such that locals may any time attack us. We are scared of coming out of our homes.”

On 28th March, the External affairs minister Sushma Swaraj spoke to the Uttar Pradesh CM Yogi Adityanath on the matter and asked for the fair investigation. She tweeted in her two tweets, I have spoken to Yogi Adityanath JI Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh about an attack on African students in Greater Noida. He has assured that there will be a fair and impartial investigation into this unfortunate incident.” An African boy named as Sadiq Bello tweeted the minister that it’s becoming for them to live in the city by saying, “@SushmaSwaraj as an international student in Noida, you need to act fast as living for us in Noida is becoming a life-threatening issue.” To which the external affairs minister replied by assuring that the government is with them. “Sadiq – Government of India is seized of the matter. We are taking immediate action,” the minister replied.

Yesterday, the video of a brutal attack on the Africans at the Ansal Plaza Mall in Greater Noida has gone viral. In that video, we can clearly see that the plenty of guys are beating the Africans. The police have identified more than 50 locals who were part of the brutal attack on the Nigerians. They have also said that they video-graphed the attackers and soon the legal action will be initiated against them. The senior cop Sujata Singh said that they will make more arrests. She said, “We have arrested six or seven people from the spot. There are more. We will arrest them and put behind bars.” The security has been increased in the areas where the Africans live the most to avoid any attack like this again in future. The Greater Noida circle officer Abhinandan said, “This behavior of people giving a racial tone to an issue is not acceptable. Some anti-social elements joined the peaceful march and resorted to violence. We have videotaped the events and will book each one of them,”

The yesterday’s attack on the Africans is another example that the incidents like this are increasing in the nation. We hope that the Indian government will take some stern actions to stop these kinds of attacks in the future.


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