Modi Ji Completed 3 Years As A Prime Minister


It’s been 3 long years the BJP-led NDA is on power, let’s take a glance at its hits and misses. In 2014, President Pranab Mukherjee administered the oath taking ceremony of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his Cabinets. This lavish ceremony was attended by Premiers of SAARC nations,many Chief Ministers, few Opposition leaders, besides a host of celebrities, corporate honchos and religious leaders.

In history it was for the first time in last 3 decades, the BJP came to power by gaining absolute majority and during the swearing-in ceremony only team Modi gave a hint that they are ready with the gam-changing plan for India. It is almost three years of governance, let’s take a look back to the centre performance:

Starting with the Sukanya Yojna introduced in 2014. At 8.6% interest this scheme gives the highest return in comparison to other small saving instruments. Then, comes more deduction on NPS, in order to promote the long-term retirement savings, the Modi government introduced the additional Rs 50,000 deduction for investing on National Pension Plan.  

NPS withdrawal reforms, Real Estate reforms, More Tax benefit to the home buyers, Increase in tax deduction limits and many more came into action under this governance. One of the most popular and successful plans amongst all is LPG subsidy scheme as best part of it is Adhaar card is mandatory for using this scheme.   

From the very first day team Modi is in form and till now it is at its best. Many came for protest against the decisions of Modi government but all their “effort gone in Vain”. During this many turning points came for the Indian citizens, but they appreciated all those each time. The biggest revolution that this government brought was the “Surgical Strike”.  From years India was tolerating the attacks from Pakistan with no reason and have lost many soldiers, but it was time to put a full stop in this practice. With the Surgical strike Indian Army demonstrated their power and intelligence, this was because of the person sitting in the centre. It is evident from the past activities that Indian Army has got potential to fight against everything but somebody should be there to encourage them and Prime Minister Narendra Modi did that.

Then, on 8th November 2016, PM Modi made another announcement and that was to boycott black money and black money holders from the country. Demonetization of Rs.500 and Rs. 1000 notes was shocking for all but it especially left the blackmoney holders panic stricken. Many said that this act will become a drawback for Modi wave. People choosed to stand on long queues and that gave topic to the opposition to talk on. Then, came the most talked Uttar Pradesh election, people were almost sure that BJP has no chance of winning the election as Bahujan Samaj Party and Samajhwadi Party are the two reputed and strong parties of the state.

Everyone of anxious to know that who will form the government this time Mayawati or Akhilesh Yadav and then, the election results came. The election result was the most unexpected one as it was BJP who got the highest vote and it is just because of the Modi wave. People who criticized Modi’s decision of Demonitization and the way of running the nation got the answer from the public only.           

It’s now proved that people have trust on PM Modi and liked the way he is working for the nation. Opposition parties tried their best to ruin the image PM Modi has created, but they failed in doing so. Indian citizens know that who is working for their favour and who deserves to be in the center. Let’s see how effective this Modi wave is, whether he will be able to rule every Indian’s heart or not!


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