More Teachers Booked For Cheating Than Students In UP Board Exams


The number of involvement of teachers in abetment of cheating in the ongoing Uttar Pradesh Board examinations is turning out to be bigger than the students involved in using unfair means. Until now, the board has lodged FIR against 111 center superintendents and 178 supervisors for making possible cheating across the state. The number of students using unmerited means has crossed 1,400 yet only 70 FIR’s have been lodged. The Uttar Pradesh education board has also canceled examinations at 54 centers whereas 57 centers have been expelled.

The Uttar Pradesh Madhyamik Shiksha Parishad (UPMSP) director A N Verma said that 327 superintendents have been changed and the FIR has been lodged against the management of four examination centers for promoting the mass copying. On the directions of deputy chief minister and secondary education minister Dinesh Sharma, UPMSP has decided to submit answer copies of seven examination centers for screening, which will be selected randomly. A toll-free number (18001806760) has also been launched in the state capital to curb any further case of cheating in the board examinations. The interesting part was that many of the teachers were found helping the students in cheating through several ways. Some teachers were caught dictating to students or supplying chits with answers, whereas some teachers were booked for assisting students to smuggle answer sheets out of the examination center, getting answers written by an assistant and later, gives a copy back to the exam hall. Many of the teachers were caught for not stopping students from exchanging answer sheets and copying from books and guides in the examination hall.

On 28 March, in the RBM Inter College of Lucknow, Gotminagar center Superintendent Uday Bhan Yadav, who is also the school principal and with another supervisor, Rajendra Verma caught promoting the cheating. The FIR has been lodged against the duo. Even on March 27, the English question paper was leaked on the Whatsapp just some hours before the examination in Ballia and Bareilly. The FIRs lodged in both districts. The practice of using unmerited means by teachers is widespread in most private and self-finance institutions. The Uttar Pradesh Madhyamik Shikshak Sangh’s state secretary R P Mishra said, “Some secondary education department officials are hands in glove with the education mafia. Top officials are corrupt and involved in open and mass copying.” The rulebook also says that a government school or an inter college should be the priority, followed by the aided schools when it comes to allotting exam centers. “But things are completely opposite,” added Mishra.

While reviewing the situation via Video Conferencing, the Deputy Chief Minister and secondary education minister Dinesh Sharma directed the education officials to tighten the noose around the education mafia who helps the mass copying the students. The officials have also been directed to inform the board secretary and director immediately about the examination centers which have been expelled and also for the re-examination where the papers have been leaked. Sharma has also asked the education officials to reconstitute Madhyamik Sanskrit Shiksha Parishad and to include Yoga as a compulsory subject in Physical education course. In recent times, many of the cheating cases in the board examinations of the state have been reported and it looks like that the Uttar Pradesh government is in no mood to take this issue lightly.


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