Unknown Package Was Found Near White House, One Suspect Also Arrested


The country which is one of the most powerful and developed country in this world and very well known for his security equipment’s had not a good past regarding to security topics. As this country had faced one of the most powerful terrorist attacks and suffered a lot with that attack.

US security once again come in move when they found a suspicious package near white house. America is a super power and a package near the most important building of the country was enough to shock the whole country and all the security agencies was come on action at that time.

It was a case when the Secret Service discovered a suspicious package near the White House’s grounds, multiple US news outlets reported. According to an agency spokesperson the Secret Service is investigating the issue, and they will find the matter about this particular case. The Secret Service later tweeted that a suspect has been detained in connection with the incident even as its investigation into the package continues.

The important thing was that President Trump along and Vice President Mike Pence were both inside the White House when the package was found. They, however, continued with their daily routine. Some of media and press people were inside the white house and they were asked to stay inside the white house so that their security can also be insured. All the roads around white house were blocked for some times.

This incident do so many questions to the American security agency and they have to answer all the answer and have to make sure that this will not come across in front of anyone in the coming future. Otherwise it will create so many problems for the American security agency because it is the matter of their President’s and one of the most important building of their country which they have to make secure on any condition.


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