Huge Jackman Think Shahrukh Can Be Next Wolverine

One of the most loved installments of marvel comics X-MEN – The wolverine is all set to release in this month. You probably know that Logan is going to be Hugh Jackman’s last time playing the iconic mutant Wolverine on film. But the main problem that arises is? Who is going to replace Jackman in the role? Because there is no way fox is giving up their most profitable franchise.

In an interview with Indian critic and entertainment journalist Rajeev Masand, he said he won’t mind if his character is being played by someone else like SRK. Jackman casually suggest a name: Shah Rukh Khan.  It is a great example of Jackman’s karishma because there is no one should take it seriously. When, he was being interviewed by Indian journalist and a question that he has been asked hundreds of times before and always he come up with a name: Shah Rukh khan like he did definitely endear him to fans both internationally and Indian.

He said,” I think I will be fine with it. I hope others can do it also. May be Shah Rukh khan could play it.” While Jackman’s wife did not want him to play as Wolverine. Logan which is Jackman’s ninth and final Wolverine movie and is directed by James Mangold and co-starring Stephen Merchant, Dafne Keen, Boyd Holbrook and Patrick Stewart. He first played character in 2000’s X-MEN. Jackman has played the character of Wolverine for past 17 years and now the movie is about to release and is due on March 3.

This idea is loved by people and this one line sent Twitter in frenzy. SRK fans are really excited after this news. Jackman say,” The comic book series is really good because you have so many people interpreting this role. There are six origin stories as I think. I am really excited to see that how I feel about it. I want it to be great. But I don’t want it to be better than me just a little bit is fine. But if everyone like than I might be little bit difficult.” We might not oppose the idea to look SRK as wolverine.

Earlier, it was in 2011 when Jackman was in India for FICCI frames, Shah Rukh hosted him and they both set the dance floor on fire along with vidya Balan.

Snapdeal Along With Startups Started Cost Cutting

The business model of any venture is measured through only one yardstick and that is its profit and that is where Snapdeal falls down. There’s no doubt in that Snapdeal is one of the earliest and major e-commerce players. The co-founders of the Snapdeal, Kunal Behl, and Rohit Bansal, have sent an email to the employees of their firm that the company has to take some tough decisions in order to become a money-making venture. The founders of the Snapdeal admitted that they have made many mistakes and disclosed that the company will initiate a mass layoff to trim its size. They also added that the company needs to make many changes to keep stable with the transforming ways of the industry.

Mass Layoff and Salary cuts on the way now

The Mass Layoff and Salary cuts are the other shocking part of the email. “Both Rohit and I are taking a 100% salary cut,” said Kunal Behl. According to the news reports, the employees will be asked to leave and three-month severe pay will be offered to them. The exact numbers of employees to be cut back is yet to be revealed. The employees between 600 and 1,000 from its e-commerce operations and from Freecharge, its payment division, and Vulcan express, will be laid off. All the three branches of Snapdeal have an estimated staff of around 8,000. The layoffs will affect all levels of the employees in the company.

The founders of Snapdeal, Kunal Behl, and Rohit Bansal are very high profile Indian entrepreneurs to have decided to go without the salary altogether. Snapdeal was started seven years ago. According to Snapdeal, there are a number of employees in the company who have voluntarily agreed to cut the remuneration until the company comes out of this crisis.

From a Successful venture to the Unprofitable venture

A couple of years ago, Snapdeal was one of the greatest and successful entrepreneurial e-commerce company in the Country. In the last one year and a half, the major disappointments for the company started on the profitability figures in spite the revenue figures remained tall. According to the estimations, Snapdeal reported losses of Rs. 1,320 crore in 2014-15 and this figure crossed almost double to Rs. 3,000 crore in 2015-16. In the email to the employees, Kunal Behl was reported saying to the employees, “In the last 2-3 years, with all the capital spending into the market, the company and entire industry started taking bad decisions and making mistakes. We were growing our business much before the right economic model and the market fit was figured out.” The main competitors of Snapdeal like Amazon and Flipkart also impacted the company badly. The Indian Market is largely set apart by the constant battles of good deals and discounts. We just hope that Snapdeal comes into the market with some great strategies and plans to become reach again at the profitable numbers in the world of the e-commerce industry.

Snapdeal may delegate Freecharge

The time for Snapdeal is definitely not going too great. According to some reports, the founders of Snapdeal are in the process of holding talks with a South African group, Naspers, to sell Freecharge for about US$300 million. Snapdeal had got hold of online recharge platform Freecharge for an estimated amount of US$400 million in April 2015.

In the coming days, things will get clearer about the next steps by the founders of the Snapdeal to make the company again a successful venture. As of now, it is clear that Mass layoffs and salary cuts are on the cards. The future of Freecharge is still at the stake. We just wish the Founders the Snapdeal a best of luck for their new future plans and strategies.

India Will Release 39 Pakistan Prisoner

In a significant sign that India is finally responding to Islamabad’s peace overtures, the government has decided to free 39 Pakistan’s nationals at present suffering in Indian jails. These included 21 prisoners who have served out their sentence in India and 18 fishermen.

Speaking to TOI immediately subsequent to Islamabad released Indian soldier Babulal Chavan, Pakistan high commissioner to India Abdul Basit had alleged that Pakistan expected India to acknowledge the Chavan’s repatriation and release 33 Pakistan nationals who were in Indian jails regardless of having accomplished their sentence. ‘We have identified these prisoners and with Pakistan confirming their nationality, they will be released on 1st March’ alleged an official source.

On 6th January Pakistan had released 217 Indian fishermen as a wave of goodwill taking the total numbers, such prisoners’ not tied up by Islamabad to 447. A lot of the fishermen had been in jail for more than a year. Just about 100 more are at a standstill in prison waiting for the Indian High Commission to authenticate their nationality. On December 22 in 2016, an NGO alleged that an additional 219 fishermen would be on the rampage on 5th January. The move comes amid souring relations between India and Pakistan in view of the fact that a militant attack on an Indian army camp in Jammu and Kashmir’s Uri district and the surgical strikes the Indian army conducted all along the LOC following the assault.

Despite the fact that India has reacted vigilantly to the house arrest of JuD chief Hafiz Saeed and his subsequent listing under the Anti-Terrorism Act, the government believes it may be the right time to unbolt channels of communication with Islamabad even if a full-fledged diplomatic dialogue remnants no more than a barely noticeable speck on the horizon.

India has time after time alleged in the past couple of months that it won’t attenuate its stand that there can be no dialogue with Pakistan without confirmable action adjacent to terror groups targeting India. However, there’s also a feeling surrounded by the government that India needs to respond to the opening which Pakistan PM Nawaz Sharif according to Pakistan diplomats has sought to offer subsequent to the retirement of Raheel Sharif as army chief.

This adage the government welcoming Pakistan for a South Asia Speakers Summit held in Indore last week and also in quest of to endorse people contact by ensuring and sponsoring Indian partaking in the Karachi Literature Festival. Authoritatively though it continued to be adamant these expansions should not be seen as a precursor to the resumption of talks. The release of prisoners and fishermen will be more significant though as that’s exactly what Pakistan was looking for to take the peace process forward?

In fact, in his primary reach out to India after he saw the back of Raheel, Sharif too had released more than 200 Indian fishermen on his birthday on 25th December preceding year. He followed it up with the release of Chavan who alleged to have ‘inadvertently’ crossed over into Pakistan province the day India carried out its surgical strikes crosswise LoC preceding year.

Pakistan diplomats have upheld from the time of the release of Chavan that the time to move frontward is now as Islamabad too will go into a poll mode subsequent to June this year. According to them, Sharif may not find an adequate amount of maneuvering gap subsequent to that keeping in mind the elections in Pakistan subsequent year and that it is essential to turn up at a mutually satisfying completion for recommencement of dialogue in the subsequently few months.

Noida Newly Married Girl Put On Pyre Alive

In a vivid twirl of actions, police dragged out a newly married girl, who was just 24 years old Rachna Sisodia, from her pyre subsequent to her family alleged that she has being blazed alive in the name of money by her spouse. Enthrallingly, whilst her death outline from a Noida hospital alleged she died on 25th February, just a day previous to the cremation from heart complications. According to the report in Aligarh stated that ash found in her respiratory swathe recommended she may perhaps have been alive and breathing when she was being cremated.

Rachna Sisodia who undergoes 70 percent burns by the time her body was towed out went missing from her house in Bulandshahar on 13th December preceding year. Cops have filed several cases aligned with her husband, Devesh Chaudhary and 11 others. Rachna’s maternal uncle Kailash Singh alleged that ‘we searched for her at numerous places but all in worthless. Afterward, we got to know she as living with Devesh. We visited his village in Aligarh but failed to find her there as well’.

According to their neighbors, the duo stayed in Aligarh for a very short time subsequent to their marriage and later on shifted to Noida where Rachna was pursuing graduation. Police alleged that the girl was divulged to Sharda Hospital’s School of Medical Science and Research in Greater Noida on 23rd February and died there two days afterward. As per the death summary is given by hospital, she was admitted with fever and shivering, abdominal ache , 8am breathlessness, palpitation and loose motions on 23rd February 8 am and passed away on 25th February at 11.45 pm subsequent ‘cardiorespiratory arrest and severe respiratory distress syndrome’.

Despite the fact that the doctors at Sharda stood by their diagnosis everyone in the medical fraternity was confounded with the oppositions in the reports. Dr. Pankaj Mishra who conducted the post mortem alleged that in view of the fact that the body was 70 percent burnt he could not say for definite if it was without a doubt Rachna’s. Verbal communication from an indefinite location, Devesh alleged he and his relatives were being enclosed by his in-laws at the request of his own uncle who needs his property.

Devesh’s relatives have confirmed that there was a very old property quarrel in the family. A far-flung relative who admitted the woman to Sharda Hospital confirmed that the two were very much in love and Rachna would pass on written notes to her husband when she was in ICU.

Nokia 3310 Would Not Be Working In US, Canada, Australia

The vintage phone of a company which was a trend setter in past years Nokia has launched once again his one of the famous phone 3310 with new features. This new mobile has been launched in Barcelona at MVC 2017. After many leaks, the new Nokia 3310 was unveiled at MWC 2017 in Barcelona, and the feature phone was met with instant adulation. This new phone Nokia 3310 is coming with a large colour display and tweaked keyboard, but it still held is roots to keep the sturdiness and long lasting battery features alive. This phone is having new features but a problem is occurring with this phone is that it still supporting old frequencies which is closed in many countries such as US, Canada, Australia and Singapore.

This phone Nokia 3310 supported for two bands in past i.e. 900 MHZ and 1800 MHZ-on the GSM network that was good for 2g connections back then. However, with the evolution of mobile industry, these frequencies are not active in many parts of the world, including the US and Canada. According to HMD Global these were important markets, and decided to support the old frequencies same as back.

This phone Nokia 3310 will be headed to Asia Pacific, it won’t work in Australia either. According to Yahoo Finance, the feature phone will not work on Australia’s biggest telco Telstra as it does not operate on 2G bands anymore. If a phone need to be operable in the world, they needs to support at least four bands – 850 MHZ, 900 MHZ, 1800 MHZ, and 1900 MHZ.

Similarly, the new Nokia 3310 also will not work in Singapore, as the 2g networks will become inoperable starting April 2017 in the Singapore. The company of the Singapore Telco Star Hub said to the straits times that “all 2G-only phones will not support calls, SMS and data services” after 2G services end, which includes Nokia 3310.

This new phone has some technical issue which is that the phone only supports GSM 900 MHz and 1800 MHz, which are the primary bands used in most parts of the world like Africa, Europe, the Middle East and Asia. But networks in North, Central and South America mainly use 850 MHz and 1900 MHz – frequencies that the 3310 won’t be able to connect to, and so won’t be able to receive any information from.

The new fashion phones get around those problems by including support for a range of different bands which make them operable in the world. Almost every phones sold today embrace support for at least three-the two of their home market and one of the other, so that the phone can still run but others contain many more, so that they can be sold around the whole world.

Cochin Bound Air India Flight Emergency Landing

A rare mistake has been occurred of technical issue when a Cochin bound Air India flight was forced to an emergency landing here soon after its take-off from the Indira Gandhi International Airport as the engineers had failed to remove pins from the landing gear, a spokesperson told. An Air India Spokesperson said that two engineers have been taken off duty pending inquiry after they forgot to remove the pins last morning.

The plane number AI 933 Delhi-Cochin-Dubai plane having 234 passengers on board took off from Indira Gandhi International Airport on Monday at 5:36am but was forced to return and make an emergency landing just 40 minutes later after the pilot was unable to retract the wheels.

When the plane returned, the pins were found attached to the landing gear, which were then removed by the members. After that plane took off for Cochin at 9:56 am, after having a delay of four hours.

The work of those pins is to prevent retraction of the landing gear while the flight is on the ground. However, if they are not removed before take-off, the pilot cannot retract the wheel while the plane is in flight.

Airlines companies should take these type of issues seriously because many life’s are rely on them when they fly with them. Some issues has been happened in the past so passengers are also not feel safe and want a surety of their life’s.