We Are Proud Indians Not "Bloody Indians", Harbajan Singh To Racist Pilot

Indian off spinner Harbhajan Singh gave a stern reply to Jet airways pilot who allegedly abuse and assault two passenger on the flight saying,”  we are not Bloody Indians but proud Indians.” Harbhajan Singh told ANI,”  I just want to tell that pilot that we are not Bloody Indians, we are proud Indians. And it’s better you go to your home and earn your money there. We don’t need your services here in India. We have lots of capable people here in India to fly us around here.” He added, ” if any foreign pilot comes to India and tells us, Bloody Indians,  get out of my flight. It is not right and is not acceptable at all.”

In a series of tweets Harbhajan Singh said, a pilot named Bernd Hoesslin racially abused and assaulted two passengers on the flight. One of them is the person with physical disability. Earlier, he brought an alleged incident of racism and assault by a jet airways pilot and that incident took place on April 3. He tweeted,”  so called this Bernd Hoesslin a pilot with jet airways called my fellow Indian ‘ you bloody Indian get out of my flight’ while he is earning here. He not only racist but also assaulted a lady and abused a physically challenged man. This is disgraceful and shame on jet airways.”

He said strict action must be taken against such things and should not be tolerated and allowed in our country. Proud Indians lets get together and sort this problem.
While the airlines de rostered the pilot and assured that the appropriate action would be taken as per company policy and norms. As a part of its corrective action and according to company norms, Jet Airlines has already issued an apology to guest regretting the incident and will update the guest with series result of investigation.

Jet Airways said in its statement, ” The company takes a serious action of such incidents. Company has strict employee code of conduct reflecting its value and ethos which is clearly mentioned in prescribed service condition of employees and its adequately emphasized during internal training session.”

In addition to its earlier statement the airlines has already noted guest feedback in this concern and the alleged pilot will remain de rostered since the day of event pending of full fledge internal investigation that is currently under investigation process. Demanding fast action against racist approach of expat pilot at airline and the National Aviator Guild and had called for disallowing such pilots in cockpit. NAG also banned its one member not to fly with expat in cockpit after one of the foreign pilot allegedly assaulted trainer in Bangaluru and in response to NGA’s allegations the airlines said it has strict and common code for all the employees. Jet Airways has nearly 60 expat commanders who mainly operate its Boeing 737 and ATR FLEET.

Indian Govt Is Buying Seven Weapon System, World's Fifth Largest Military Spender

According to the figures revealed by the Stockholm Peace Research Institute (Sipri) on Monday, India’s military expenditure has been increased by 8.5% in 2016, building it as the world’s fifth largest spender at $55.9 billion. The reports said that the US still remains at the top with world’s largest military spender recording the growth of 1.7 percent between 2015 and 2016 to $611 billion. Some other countries like China, Japan, Australia and South Korea also able to come into the list of the top 15 spenders.

In April, India has signed billion-dollar deals for the execution of two contracts to buy advanced medium range surface to air systems from Israel and 155mm/52-calibre tacked self-proclaimed artillery guns from South Korea. China came second on the list as they are spending $215 billion, which is an increase of 2.4 percent. The SIPRI report also said that the growth rate was “much lower” than the last some years. Coming to a country with a third largest spender, Russia increased its expenses by 5.9 percent to $69.2 billion and becomes the third largest spender in the list. Saudi Arabia came in the fourth position in 2016, was at number 3 position in 2015. Shockingly, it’s spending decreased by 30 percent in 2016 to $63.7 billion, in spite of the fact that it was constantly involved in regional wars.

Talking about India’s border-sharing country Pakistan, they were not even able to get a place in the top 15 spenders. Pakistan spent just $9.93 billion. The report also said that the 2016 figures of US remained 20% lower than its max out performance in 2010. “The growth in US military expenditure in 2016 may signal the end of a trend of decreases in spending, which resulted from the economic crisis and the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan and Iraq,” the report said. The director of the SIPRI Arms and Military expenditure (AMEX) programme, Aude Fleurant, said that “Despite continuing legal restraints on the overall US budget, increases in military spending were agreed upon by congress. Future spending platforms remain uncertain due to the changing political situation in the US.”

The Military expenditure in Western Europe rose for the second consecutive year and it was up by 2.6 percent. On the other hand, economic problems and failing oil revenue led to oil-shock price has forced many oil-exporting countries to reduce military spending. Talking about last year’s global military spending, it was accounted for 2.2 percent of the global GDP. The military spending as a share of GDP, was lowest in the Americas with an average of 1.3 percent, whereas highest in the Middle East with an average of 6.0 percent.

Talking about the big weapons and systems where India has contracted for or will soon place an order for are MRSAM systems, M777 ultra-light howitzers, 155mm/52-calibre tracked self-propelled guns, Anti-tank guided missiles (ATGM), Rafale fighter jets, Attack and heavy-lift helicopters and Minesweepers. There is no doubt that India is spending its money wisely on the military, weapons, and systems. It is one of the biggest reasons why India became world’s fifth-largest military spender.

What Kabir Khan Has To Says On Review Of Tubelight By Salim Khan

Salman khan has always maintained that his father salim khan is his biggest critics. In an interview he said about his father opinion on his films and said he think his dad’s feedback always mirrored the audience reaction to his movies.

Tubelight is going to be one of the biggest releases of this year and it looks like Salman’s father Salim Khan had already watched the movie because recently in during screening of Tubelight Salim’s  review will make you excited for the film.

Kabir Khan the director of Tubelight also feels the same about the veteran writer and makes it a point to show him his films before anyone else and followed the same with Tubelight. Kabir Khan says,” when I showed him the first cut, he came out of edit room without saying any word and gave me a big and tight hug.

As the reports says Salim’s inputs worked for Bajrangi Bhaijaan, it was also Salim’s idea to exclude the end credits dance track Aaj ki Party from Movies Final Cut and said ” I told kabir to exclude that song from Bajrangi Bhaijaan because it was diluting the impact of film.” And now he said after watching Tubelight that “kabir has made it well” and calls it “a beautiful film.”

On The other hand kabir Khan said ,” I’m very grateful to Salim khan for being a great supporter while developing story ,I always made  it important and narrate the movie script to Salim khan for his support and review before starting film and he always gave me the invaluable inputs for me .” He added,  he also gave me few pointers tips to make Tubelight’s screenplay better.

In fact the Catchline in Tubelight’s poster “Kya Tumhe Yakeen Hai” is actually his Salim’s idea but he doesn’t want to take the complete credit to him and said, we were all discussing about it and it was all due to team effort.


BCCI May Seeks India Champions Trophy Pullout, Routed ICC Voting

After the Indian Cricket Board (BCCI) was left isolated in its opposition to the proposed reforms to the way the game is run globally, the chances of India pulling out of this year’s Champions Trophy has been increased. In the vote of all member boards of the International Cricket (ICC), the BCCI was routed 1-9 on a revamped financial model and 2-8 on a new governance model. It undoubtedly shows that ICC votes discarded the Big Three structures that gave India special status and would make it as just another member board of the game’s parent body.

As per the financial model that was passed, the BCCI’s share of revenue from 2015 to 2023 would be only $290 million, which is hardly half of the $570 million the Indian board sought after.     Now, the old watchers believe that the only option is to invoke the Members Participation Agreement (MPA) and pull out of the international cricket bilateral cycle or to fall in line with new world order. The Independent ICC Chairman Shashank Manohar, who’s pushing cricket administration reforms, had offered, to begin with, a compromise formula of an additional $100 million, which will take the BCCI’s share to almost $400 million.

The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) rejected this offer with a counter offer in which it would still get it’s $570 million but no other full member’s share would be reduced. On the other hand, Manohar called for a vote on the $290 million offer, but not on the formula that was being talked about, and it effects as BCCI hurtful of a lonely figure. The Indian Cricket Board hasn’t announced its team for the ICC Champions Trophy yet and the deadline is also to be passing by on April 25. Now, the state units that form the old guard at the BCCI have decided now to call for a special meeting as soon as possible, a 14-day notice has to be given to take a call on India’s next move.

The Chairman of the Supreme Court-appointed Committee of Administrators (CoA) Vino Rai, which is running the BCCI, said he was disappointed and he would allow BCCI members to take a call on their next step. “We’d kept the CoA meeting after the BCCI SGM in Mumbai before the ICC meeting in Dubai. Amitabh Choudhary had attended that meeting while BCCI treasurer Anirudh Chaudhary refused to come. I asked Amitabh about the mandate given to him by the SGM and he told us that he has to assess the situation,” Rai told Times of India (TOI). “Until yesterday, the idea of pulling out of the Champions Trophy wasn’t such a realistic one. But 24 hours is a long time. Going by what happened today, the ICC has cleared and abrasively breached the contract that it has signed with the BCCI, which is the MPA,” said a senior cricket administrator. He also said that, let’s don’t play this tournament as a protest. “Let India not play this tournament as a protest and then let’s see how many ICC members still like the idea of going ahead with the policy changes. Someone has to call their bluff,” he added.

On the other hand, the Supreme Court’s January 30 order clearly says that the authority to proceed legally in matters involving BCCI rests with CoA, which has also been decided by the court itself. They will only be able to take a position on anything when the state units of the BCCI and CoA will be seeing it the same way. A senior cricket Administrator said to TOI that the ball is now in Vinod Rai’s court. “The ball is in the court of Vinod Rai. He’s the man who drew the attention to the massive loss that the country suffered because of the 2G Spectrum scam. He knows his numbers. He will be the first one to know what kind of a hand a ‘weakened’ BCCI has been dealt with,” he said to TOI. There’s another big issue for the BCCI and that is the CoA is managing the BCCI only for a temporary period and will not have to present with the decisions taken right now. “For starters, we’re hoping that Vinod Rai and his colleagues will also attend the SGM and hear everyone out. That’ll at least lead to some bit of clarity,” said an official. The officials of BCCI claimed that Manohar who’s a former BCCI chief had shown “absolute disregard for a legal document” signed between the BCCI and ICC.

A prominent stakeholder in global cricket said, “It’s a decisive day and it’ll always be remembered in history as the moment when BCCI either changed the course of global cricket forever or fell in line with what was dictated to them. India will have to live with the decision, it takes going forward.” The BCCI’s acting secretary Amitabh Choudhary had attended the ICC’s board meeting on the behalf of India. According to the TOI’s April 3 report, the only option available for BCCI is if the ICC went ahead with policy reforms in spite of India’s disobedience, then the MPA would be invoked and moves out of the bilateral cycle. The BCCI’s state units are yet to take a call upon “predictable” at the SGM, although the date is not finalized. There’s also another view of this story and that’s if BCCI officials must decide at the forthcoming SGM that India needs to pull out of the Champions Trophy, then it could lead to larger impacts in terms of financial losses and much more, for example, the ICC could respond in return by asking other nations to skip bilateral series with India or avoid making players available for the IPL.

The sources revealed TOI that before the Dubai meeting, the Test-playing countries had agreed on the figure of $445 million as the BCCI’s share after Rai met all the members of the ICC Board. But the figure was calculated was deducting the money BCCI would be spending on the conduct of matches like 125$ million after getting a share of $570. But the BCCI officer bearers were not changing their stand on seeking $570 as the gross amount, which wasn’t adequate for any of the full members. The decision of BCCI would be made known to everyone very soon.

Salman Khan Promoting Tubelight In A Unique Way

As Salman khan gear up the promotion for his next upcoming blockbuster Tubelight. Salman khan selected his most trusted circle to ensure maximum eyes on him. The first idea is revealed from galaxy apartment where Salman lives with his family here first teaser of the war drama will curiously feature voice overs by young children and they were engaged in tubelights conversation, reports Mumbai Mirror.

This Movie is based on the sino Indian war during 1962 and this movie marks the Bollywood debut of Chinese actress model Zhu Zhu. According to kabir khan who is the director of Tubelight, when   Salman were brainstorming during an promotional event then , salman has decided to use kids for treaser but he did not want that trained children to do this and for this he decided to gather up a bunch of kids from his building to do this task in a fun way.

Kabir said then they decided and spoke to the kids ranging from six to eleven years and than Salman took all of them to studio to explain them what they were doing. Kabir told the tabloid ,”We are using this chorus in the teaser logo as well as the teaser promo as a part of  successful promotional part.”

Another interesting thing is that Salman loves children and he loves to play with kids and spend time with them. Salman always has a good equation with children and enjoy working with them as he doesn’t share this bonding with elderone. Even while he is playing with thousands of grown ups he always loves to play with kids.

The major reason behind the success of Bajrangi Bhaijaan is the character of Munni which played around the kids. This show that Salman Khan has a special bonding with kids and he is going to use this bonding for the promotion of movie Tubelight.  

22 Social Media Bann In Kashmir Valley

Jammu and Kashmir banned 22 social networking sites and application which includes whatsapp, Facebook and Twitter on Wednesday in Kashmir as these applications were being misused by anti national and anti-social elements.

This ban will continue for a month till future government orders,  said an order issued by principal Secretary , R K Goyal.  For maintaining this public order, the government give the directions to all internet service providers that any single message and a group of message from a person or a group of persons relating to any subject or any pictorial content through the following social networking sites shall not be allowed to  transmitted in Kashmir valley for a period of one month or more till the next order, Goyal said in three page order.

The three page order,” By examining all the relevant factors, it is observed that the use of social media platforms  are being misused by anti-national and anti-social elements by transmitting inflammatory messages in various forms are  required to be curbed as soon as possible ,”

The applications and websites which  will be inaccessible in the Kashmir valley include Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, Wechat, QQ, Skype, Qzone, Google Plus, Line, Pinterest, Snapchat , Vine and Flickr, Youtube. Earlier report Also said government has suspended as internet service providers in Kashmir but this was not correct.

Goyal, invoked the powers conferred on Government under Indian Telegraph Act 1885 read with Indian Telegraph Rules 2007 to ban these sites and applications. It is observed that the anti national elements succeed in transmitting objectionable and inflammatory content by using these sites as their medium. The order reads, it was being felt that misuse of social networking and instant messaging service is for the detrimental to interest of peace and tranquillity in valley.

According to reports it was observed during law and order disturbance of 2016 in Kashmir was the major reason for vitiating peace and instigating violence which caused large scale damage to life and property.

The move comes as the students protest in Kashmir and the authorities believe are fanned through these networking sites and social media. Some days back, a police official said that 350 whatsapp groups were being used to spread rumours in valley and government had cracked down 90 percent of these groups.

The mobile internet service were suspended on April 17 following widespread student protests in Kashmir against alleged of security forces.

RIP Veteran Actor And Politician Vinod Khanna At 70

The legendary actor and heartthrob of Hindi films Vinod Khanna died this morning. He was unwell for quite a long time. Khanna was reportedly battling cancer for years and died at the age of 70. He was hospitalized due to “severe dehydration” on March 30. Vinod Khanna was part of several hits like The Burning Train and Amar Akbar Anthony, was admitted to the HN Research Foundation and Research Centre in Girgaum.

President of India RIP Vinod Khanna Source: Twitter

Some days ago, the photo of the actor went viral where he was looking very frail, which also gave fire to the rumors that the actor is suffering from cancer. There were also reports in the media that the veteran actor was suffering from bladder cancer. Vinod Khanna was born on 6 October 1946, and he also was seen in more than 140 films between 1968 and 2015. The actor is survived by his wife Kavita Khanna, sons Sakshi, Rahul and Akshaye, and daughter Shraddha Khanna. Khanna was married to Geetanjali before getting married to Kavita, but later got divorced with Geetanjali. When the media tried to confirm the news of actor having cancer or not, the hospital and his sons, rejected to comment on the cancer rumors and had said that the actor was stable and on the way to a recovery.

Source: Twitter

Vinod Khanna was an active politician and Member of Parliament from Gurdaspur, Punjab. He was unarguably one of the most famous film stars in the 1970s and 1980s. Initially, in his career, he was offered more with the negative and small roles, but in no time, the actor started getting lead roles in many of the Hindi films. Khanna had made his debut in Bollywood with Mann Ka Meet in 1964, and following this, he went on to becoming a huge star. Films like Inkaar, Mere Apne, Mera Gaon Mera Desh, Imtihaan, Lahu Ke Do Rang, Jurm, Amar Akbar Anthony, Qurbani, and Dayavan were some of the finest movies of his successful career. Khanna received the Filmfare award in the best supporting actor category for Haath Ki Safaai, and he was honored with the Filmfare Lifetime Achievement award in 1999. In 2007 again, he was honored with Lifetime Achievement award at the Zee Cine awards.

Vinod Khanna shocked everyone in 1982, as he took a break from his film career when it was at its peak and decided to follow his spiritual Guru Osho Rajneesh at his ashram. After a five-years long break from the films, Khanna returned to the industry and started signing films again and gave two hit films, Satyamev Jayate, and Insaaf. In 1997, he joined the politics and got elected from Gurdaspur as the BJP’s candidate. During the time of Atal Bihari Vajpayee Government, he was made the Union minister for culture and tourism in 2002.

After this, he became the minister of state in the Ministry of External Affairs. He lost the election in 2009, but he was elected again from the Gurdaspur in 2014. He was last seen in any movie was Shahrukh Khan’s Dilwale. The legendary singer Asha Bhosle paid condolence to the family and tweeted, “Very sad to hear about Vinod Khannaji. A decent man and a star till the very end.” The retired Indian cricketer Virendra Sehwag also tweeted and said, “Heartfelt condolences on the passing away of one of the most charismatic actors #VinodKhanna Ji. Om Shanti

!” There’s no doubt that we have lost a gem of the Indian Film Industry today.