Heart Breaking News For MS Dhoni Fans Finally Retires From All Formats


Today, early morning heartbreak for Mahindra Singh Dhoni’s fans is that the former Indian Captain has left from all forms of international cricket. Mahi never fails to blow everyone whether it’s his fielding placement, bowling changes or batting shuffles or till is any type of off-field decisions. This time his decision smashes many hearts and many would stop watching cricket from now.

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Dhoni will declare it officially in a press conference later today. The late night news of Dhoni’s retirement has put his fans in surprise. On the other hand, Dhoni will play the upcoming edition of Indian premier league. Dhoni lately alleged that if everything goes right he will carry on playing even subsequent to the 2019 world cup. But what went wrong here that he has surprisingly announced his retirement and it will be interesting to be acquainted with from Dhoni himself.

Don’t take this piece of news sincerely as it is 1st April and everyone knows what this date stands for. It is the only one day in the year that you have consents to fool your friends and families and it has been celebrated worldwide for many centuries, the holiday’s roots are a bit downy. Pulling practical jokes can be a lot of fun but humor experts advise adjacent to crossing the blurred line flanked by harm and humor. The first rule of celebrating the April fool’s day is that no joke should go so far to hurt or affront.

April fool’s day is a far more chief holiday than most people recognize. By designing a day for humor and pranks, we generate a safe space for a wider range of appearance. This day is said to be one of the light-hearted days of the year. Some see it as a festivity related to the turn of seasons at the same time as others stem from the adoption of a fresh calendar.


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