Rishi Kapoor Asked Why No Pakistani Players In IPL?


Amidst report suggests that there have been a fresh ceasefire violation by Pakistan at Line of Control, and veteran Bollywood actor Rishi kapoor is keen to see Pakistani cricketers in Indian premier league IPL 2017.

Rishi kapoor took to Twitter on Tuesday to cut down on existing hostility between both the nations and urged the authorities to include Pakistani cricketers in IPL and make them a part of the game once again.

He tweeted, “IPL, You got the world players. Afghanis are making debut this year, My plea is please consider Pakistani players. Phir se match hoga! Hum Bde log h, please.” He also praised the involvement of foreign players in IPL and also appreciated debut of Afghanis through his tweet. He made a similar appeal last year which feel on deaf years and result nothing.

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Indian premier league has had a significant inspiring league that attracts the international talent from all around the world. However Pakistani players involvement has been banned continually for the third season. Around 11 Pakistani players were in the auction list in 2010 for third season , but none of them were picked up by franchises. They said that the diplomatic difference between two countries is the main reason for not picking up any of the Pakistani players for IPL.

As no Pakistani players has been playing IPL since 2008, which is considered as the year of inception. While Azhar Mohammad featured in some editions representing kings XI Punjab, because of his British passport.

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This year two new players from Afghanistan, Muhammad Nabi and Rashid Khan are making debut in sunrises Hyderabad.

The tension between the two neighbouring countries had been reached at all time high position after 26/11. The two nations haven’t played any test series in last decade. Though they continue to play international tournaments.

While few peoples tweeted positively on this tweet and said that the sports should be kept away from politics and the problems that occurred between two nations . On the other hand there were few peoples who think that tweet was insensitive and insulting.

In 2015, Shiv Sena, protested against reviving India-Pakistan cricket ties and for that Wasim Akram and Shoaib Akhtar had pulled out of commentating for the fifth match between India and South Africa.


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