Yoga Education Program To Be Mandatory In UP Govt Schools


BJP has achieved a great win in Uttar Pradesh by defeating BSP and SP with that Yogi Adityanath took the charge of the government. UP CM Yogi Adityanath has passed an order directing the state officials for making yoga education compulsory in all schools in the state that comes under government. As per the state government decision self-defence training would be mandatory for the girl students in these schools.

As per a statement released by the Uttar Pradesh government, CM Adityanath chaired a meeting of education department officials on Monday, to give these directions.

The CM directed that ‘Rani Laxmibai Aatmaraskha Kaaryakram’ (self-defence) and ‘Yog Shiksha Kaaryakram’ (Yoga education) would be compulsory, according to the statement released by the government on Tuesday said.

In the meeting, Yogi Adityanath stressed for filing FIRs for the activities of mass copying, or while the government teachers are found having private coaching centres. In this meeting it was also decided that the government in state would come up with the guidelines to curtail excessive school fees charged by the private schools and colleges. Along with that Adityanath has also stressed on the uniformity of syllabus for all the state universities and the have to proof that academic sessions are held regularly in the colleges. Even the institutes of higher education are instructed to fill the vacancies of teachers.


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