Govt Has No Plan To Demonetize Rs 2000 Notes For Now


On Wednesday, the government said, there are no plans for the demonetisation of the new Rs 2,000 currency notes, halting rumours on its effect.

According to a statement of Minister of State for Home Kiren Rijiju given on Rajya Sabha “We are seizing fake currency. As far as rumours going around in the market are concerned, we should not go by such rumours”. He said this while responding to a question raised by Congress member,  Madhusudan Mistry. Mr. Mistry raised this this question during the Question Hour for knowing if the government is planning to demonetise the newly released Rs 2,000 currency notes as there were “strong rumours” going around in the market.

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Kiren Rijiju said that “the fake currency has majorly been seized from Gujarat and West Bengal. But it is wrong to say that fake currencies are unidentified. It is not true at all,” he said. Fake currencies that have come into the market after the demonetisation of Rs.1000 and Rs.500 notes were made of low quality paper and easy to make out. But after little time fake currency notes with better quality paper started entering the market, Rijiju said. According to Rijiju the government is adopting many new security features for the new currency notes and then he added “I can assure the House and the country that now no one can copy 100 per cent, as we have indigenous design and extra features.” Undoubtedly, Demonetisation was a great step against Black Money and fake currency now; it would be thought-provoking to know how the government is safeguarding the country from the upcoming fake currencies.  


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