FB Friend Duped Woman's Rs 41 Lakh In Mumbai


A woman In Mumbai supposedly duped of 41 lakh Rs by an unknown person who befriended her on social networking site Facebook while posing as a foreign national. Two men have been under arrest but the mastermind is still at large. As per the cyber police, the complaint and blamed person became friends on Facebook in December prior year.

They win her trust, as the man told her he would transfer a few money into her account is she helped him exchange his two lakh British pounds into Indian rupees. He also alleged that he would approach Mumbai to meet her and her parents in April. In advance this month the man told her he had been apprehended by a customs officer at the Indira Gandhi airport in Delhi and asked her to transfer money to assist him to get out of the circumstances. The woman believed him and transferred Rs 41 lakh to three dissimilar bank accounts. She soon realized that she had been linked and alerted the Mumbai police and her bank.

Performing on her complaint the cops under arrest two men on 9th April who tried to take out the amount she had transferred. The cyber police afterward came to know that the mastermind had used these men’s bank accounts although promising them a share of the spoils. The detained accused are Shahabuddin Shaikh, 23 from New Delhi and Gulzar Shaikh, age 24 from Uttar Pradesh alleged the police.

Akhilesh Kumar Singh, Deputy Commissioner of cyber police alleged that ‘we do not be acquainted with if the person who posed as her friend on the social network is an Indian national or a foreigner’. A FIR has been listed under sections 419, 420 and 34 of the Indian Penal Code and 66D of the information technology act.

The prior year a retired scientist from the prestigious national Chemical Laboratory i.e. NCL was duped of Rs 94 lakh by an alleged foreigner on the pretext of marrying her. The victim moved toward Chatushrungi police and lodged a complaint against the accused claiming that he took the alleged amount over a period of four months by giving different reasons.


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