Half Girlfriend Is All Set To Release On 19th May


Arjun Kapoor and Shraddha Kapoor starrer Half Girlfriend’s trailer will be out on 10th April and fans in a minute cannot hang around. Author Chetan Bhagat whose book of the identical name in the film is based on taunted fans with a sneak peak. Chetan Bhagat engraved on many not at all seen still scenes from Half Girlfriend has been shared and on that that ‘ For those waiting long-sufferingly for the half girlfriend trailer at the moment, here are some special stills from the movie for you’.

One of the stills features a kiss flanked by Arjun and Shraddha. The expectation has skyrocketed but fans are disenchanted that despite the fact that the other three stills shared have Shraddha the single still featuring, Arjun is one where his face is not noticeably visible. a Bihari boy , played by Arjunwho must conquer his verbal communication barriers i.e. language barriers when he enters the respected St Stephen ‘s college of Delhi, at the same time as Shraddha plays as Riya Somani who is a rich Delhi girl and is also a basketball player.

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Makers of half Girlfriend have unconfined a short teaser which introduces Arjun Kapoor’s character as Madhav Jha and is observed reading in a Bihari accent from Chetan’s Bhagat’s book which the movie is based on and chatting on the subject of his ladylove Riya played by Shraddha Kapoor. The primary look of half Girlfriend is very romantic and it is an initial time that Arjun and Shraddha have been paired opposite each other and the crackling chemistry stuck between the two in the first look poster is sufficient to up the inquisitiveness.

In an interview, Arjun Kapoor alleged that Half Girlfriend is not a perky romantic comedy. He also added that ‘there are pathos and tragedy in half Girlfriend and it is not just a frivolous romcom i.e. romantic –comedy as it is a drama. The movie has a journey and it is a romantic journey for me that is very exciting’.

As Shraddha Kapoor is trying her finest to something new with each of her movies and so she has shack her girl next door reflection for the Half girlfriend. On the other hand, Arjun believes that the two actors had their personal DDLJ moment on the sets of Half Girlfriend with the scene in which Shraddha is seen on the train at the same time as Arjun is running on the platform following her.


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