IIT Kharagpur Students Have Now Chance To Study Abroad


IIT kharagpur students will now get the chance to study in some of world’s best universities under  SAP programme for one or two semester. IIT  kharagpur senate will give a formal nod to the Semester Away Programme (SAP)  that will allow both undergraduate and postgraduate students to avail for this opportunity from this year at their own cost. This initiative is different from other student exchange programmes offered by other institutes in India.

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In this programme a student will be able to choose a course offered by Indian institutes or abroad, and need to take approval from faculty and Apply. It is not compulsory that the university chosen by students must have Memorandum of understanding with IIT- kgp. P k Das, Dean of postgraduate program at IIT-Kgp  said ,” if a course is chosen, he can only study for a maximum of one or two semester.” He said in order to be eligible for this program, a student at UG Level must have to complete four semester without backlog with CGP of 7 or more than 7 and also there should be no disciplinary action pending against him/her. Similarly, a  PG student will also have to complete two semesters or 4 semesters for MMST students, with a CGPA of 7 or more than 7(with no backlog) and no pending disciplinary action.

The fee for this course will be arranged by the students itself. Sriman Bhattacharyya, deputy director of IIT-Kgp said that On successful completion of the programme, students will stand the chance of getting their credits at IIT-Kgp waived against the credits earned through SAP. It will depend on the courses they opt. And if a student chooses a course for which he/she is not able to get credit waived than he will be allowed to complete his pending semester at IIT kharagpur with additional six months.

Studying in top universities will definitely add more value to CV of students. The national and international exposure will make them more employable. And under such kind of scenario, if they have to complete its last six months in IIT KHARAGPUR they will only stain to gain.

But for this course the students will have to arrange funds on their own to look bag to scholarship. As a result the Tuition fee will came down as IIT kgp sign MOU with top university. Later IIT will arrange alumni endowment programme. Bhattacharyya said that We have already held done discussions with Michigan State University and several universities in Australia. They all are keen to be a part of this programme.The deadline for this programme was 30 March for for the autumn semester and July 31  for the spring semester .


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