World's Heavyest Woman Enam Looses 242 KG in 2 months


World’s heaviest woman Eman Ahmed, whose weight is around 500 Kg when she was flown away from EGYPT in February This year has lost around 242 kg weight according to her doctors in Mumbai. Currently she weighs less than 270 KG which is half than her previous weight.  A doctor from the team that  treating her at Saifee Hospital said, ” she is regularly doing over two hours of physiotherapy after surgery , which helped her to Bring down to half of her weight.

According to a doctor who is a bariatric surgeon  and part of the medical team that treat Eman,  Eman has lost 242 kg since she was first carried out of her first floor flat in Alexandria using a crane and airlifted  5,000 km away to India. She said she had gone under the bariatric procedure called laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy, in which surgeon reduce her stomach size to 75 percent with one and half hour of operation. Before that she already had lost 120 KG through controlled high fiber and high protein diet given by the nutritionist.

In general weight loss doesn’t happen as fast as in this case but in her case diet after surgery is designed is very helpful for her. This 36 year old woman suffering from very rare genetic disorder that is causing obesity. According to the Gene tests carried out by a US  firm showed that Eman had mutations in LEPR gene that confused her brain signals about hunger, which leads to excessive intake of food and result into obesity.

During last month Eman suffered from  strokes and also with two three seizures and remain paralyzed on right side. Doctor said to access her brain signal to know what cause seizures to her they have to wait until she lose her weight to fit into CT scan machine. Doctor also informed that Eman missing Egypt and want to return back but doctor recommend her One more month of hospitalization and planning to send him back to Egypt by the end of April.

Sometimes Eman get very angry and don’t talk with anyone this could be mainly due to her homesickness. But one fact is also that she is continue to face problem while walking and standing. Alignment of her feet get changed as she remained on bed for last two year, her leg muscles has not been used and she need proper exercise to tone her leg.

Losing more than 200 KG is not less than a miracle but her weight has been reducing since she get hospitalized.  Apart from the all this series of medical complications she also suffered from thyroid and kidney dysfunction that cause swelling and water retention in her body.

According to doctor Shah with hospitalization her kidney function has been improved greatly , she is burning calories and her metabolism has improved because her kidney function has been better than before. Now she is able to pass urine easily that reduce the water retention in her body.

The doctors from Saifee Hospital led by Muffazal Lakdawala have been able to manage  Rs 21 lakh for her treatment till now.


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