Rahul Dravid Taught Kevin Peterson How To Correct His Technique Through Email


There’s no better feeling for the cricket lovers to hear the praise about their favorite cricketer from another great cricketer. Rahul Dravid is unarguably one of the most loved Indian cricketer and a great mentor for the youngsters. As the 10th season of Indian Premier League has started, we witnessed some great happenings on the field and off the field as well. The Wall of India Rahul Dravid has been credited for helping an international player to overcome his shortfall and the player is none other than Former England Batsman Kevin Pietersen.

In a video on the IPLT20.com, former England cricketer disclosed that he required Dravid’s help and how he helped him in improving his batting technique. Kevin also said that spending time together during the Indian Premier League also helped him in improving his abilities. “Speaking from personal experience, Rahul Dravid and how much he helped me in my career. I owe it to the Indian Premier League that I build an ability to tap in with a genius like that which helped me in my career overcome a shortfall. And then just go from strength to strength and that is thanks to the IPL,” Kevin Pietersen said. Pietersen also shared that how in his autobiography he printed an email sent to him by the former Indian captain and cricketer Rahul Dravid. The former England cricketer said that how the email helped him in improving his batting technique. “In my autobiography, I printed that e-mail from Rahul Dravid and the kindness, generosity and the time he took to write the e-mail and as simple as he made it sound was so beneficial for me. It was beneficial for English cricket too because I managed to sort out a little bit of a deficiency in my technique,” former England cricketer said.

In his video on the IPL website, Kevin also talked about how the Indian Premier League helps the cricketers in gaining knowledge as they spend months together. “Indian Premier League has helped different players come together because you are all teammates. Basically, when the players are together for six-seven weeks possibly eight weeks if you make that final you are together, you are a unit. I think that’s really good because you can learn from other people,” Pietersen added. Kevin shared that he was struggling to play against Shakib-Al-Hassan in May-June 2010 and was dismissed twice by him, which was exposing his weakness against left-arm spinners. The former England cricketer wrote in the book that Rahul Dravid is unarguably one of the finest cricketers who know perfectly how to deal with spin bowlers. “Rahul was a great and heroic Indian batsman in his day. He is also a genius in dealing with spin bowlers. Our conversations and emails were a private Masterclass from a genuine guru.  Rahul improved my cricket and helped me develop the way I think about the game. His generosity will stay with me always,” he wrote in his autobiography.

The former Indian cricketer Rahul Dravid refers to Kevin as a ‘Champ’ and motivated him through his talks. In an email quoted by Pietersen, Dravid advises the former England cricketer to start practicing without pads against spin in the nets, so that he can use his bat more openly. “KP, you are a really good player, you need to watch the ball and trust yourself… Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t play spin; I have seen you, and you can!” Former Indian cricketer said to him. Kevin also wrote that he frequently reads this particular email and it brings a big smile to his face. Pietersen also said that his game against spinners gone up as he spent a lot of time in the Indian Premier League and also because he had spoken to Rahul Dravid. “My playing of spin has gone up a number of levels since I’ve spent time in the IPL, and in particular since I’ve spoken to Rahul Dravid…In England, batsmen get taught to play with the spin. In India, the best players of spin get taught to play against it,” Pietersen added. When he was asked that who plays the switch hit and flamingo shot better, his rapid answer was “No One”


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