ATM Van Staff Left The Door Open, Bikers Flee With 27 Lakhs


Three men on a bike allegedly stole over 26 lakh from a cash van in central Delhi near Rajendra Nagar. This is a totally deliberate act which happened when cash Van staff left the vehicle’s door open while replenishing an ATM at central Delhi’s Rajendra Nagar on Saturday afternoon.  During that time three men on a motorbike take away a cash box from van which is loaded with Rs. 26.17 lakh. The van’s custodian said a cash box had gone missing from the van while he was refilling the ATM machine of a private bank near Bada Bazar in Old Rajender Nagar.

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Jitendra Singh, the van custodian told cops that he had gone ATM Kiosk with his guard while his two partners Mohd Nadeem and Gaurav, were waiting outside the cash van leaving the back door open and the trunk was unlocked. The van driver said that he just stepped out of van to relax when he noticed that a bike stopped at rear gate and taking away cash box out of it on their motorbike.

Gaurav and Nadeem claimed that they were busy in conversation but they had noticed the bole within a second and raised the Alarm. Despite of all these police officials are scanning Bank’s CCTV footage to identify the bikers. Police officials said that CCTV footage reveals that one biker was wearing a cap and other two were away from the camera to avoid being identified. Initial investigation reveals that the bikers are following the van from last 2km after they left the Karol Bagh ATM.

While the officials are investigating with those four staffers on van to identify whether any insider had hand in theft or not? They would also question to their family members and have also approached the cash delivery company to get the background details of the four staff and their financial history.

Mandeep Singh Randhawa, DCP, central Delhi said,” the case has been registered of theft on the basis of complaint by van custodian and we are investigating at all the possible Angle to detect the thief.” The legal processing has been initiated against the cash delivery company. He also added that this incident had happened because the van staff has violated the security procedure which is mandatory for cash van operations.


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