Legal Notice To Arnab Goswami For Using Phrase 'Nation Wants To Know'


The accepted news anchor Arnab Goswami who freshly declared the launch of his latest news venture ‘ Republic’, uploaded a three-minute audio clip on YouTube yesterday arguing to have received a legal notice from media group.  Arnab Goswami alleged that the media group threatened him with detention if he uses the phrase’ nation wants to know’. Goswami alleged that ‘my dear viewers I have just received an additional legal threat. This time I am sharing it with you. A media group has sent me a six-page note threatening me with imprisonment if I ever utilize the phrase ‘nation wants to know’.

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Goswami also added that’ I have observed the nervous tricks of this media group with hilarity and horror for the last few months. Today, I m responding to them in public. To them I say: the threat of custody will not detour me. Fetch your money bags and your lawyers. File the illegal case touching me for using the phrase’ nation wants to know. Do the lot you can and fritter all the money you have. Seize me. I am waiting right at the moment on my studio floor. The phase ‘ nation wants to know’ belongs to you, me and to all of us. To every citizen of this country’.

Mr. Goswami alleged that he had used this phrase with delight throughout his reporting and debates for the past twenty years and he was extremely indebted to the viewers, who had originated his journalism worthy of representing the public interest. He also added that every Indian had a right to employ the phase and that this phase that’ nation wants to know’ as it comes from the heart.  He further inquired that the public if he should discontinue using the phase.  He said that his lineup had been beleaguered and threatened with ‘untoward action’ and that this media group’s plan had been to stop and delay the launch of Republic. Goswami ended by saying that team Republic is inexorable and said to media group to carry it on.

The spokesperson of times network clued-up Mint that ‘ARG Outliers had filed for the trademark for these and alike phases which were by now failed for and expansively used for years by Times now. We have reacted with a standard caution notice. Arnab is just annoying to gain sound bytes from it’.

In the procedure to launch the show, Arnab has been traveling to numerous colleges’ crossways India taking his own approach to journalism. Republic TV is owned by Arnab’s own company and on which Rajeev Chandrashekhar; Rajya Sabha MP is the prevalent investor. Arnab’s Republic made its social media debut on 7th January with a facebook page .the company had acknowledged the regulatory jiggle from the information and distribution ministry and are predictable to launch the news channel.


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