Buy American And Hire American, End Misuse Of H-1B Visa: Donald Trump


Donald trump, US President issues managerial order yesterday restraining the purported misuse of guest workers visa in a flashy, populist on the road gesture apparently aimed at shielding American jobs, a step that is predictable to fairly affect the Indian InfoTech industry. The order efficiently raises the bar for foreign guest workers utilized by US and Indian companies to do work that American workers were thought to be reluctant or not capable of doing.

Trump and his protectionist supporters utter this are not true and the original objective of the guest worker program of carrying in extremely qualified foreign workers to do elevated end jobs has been subverted by companies fetching in entry level workers to swap US workers and depress wages. In his initial trip to blue collar country that chosen  him in droves as of his pledge to protect US jobs, Trump went to a tool factory at Kenosha, Wisconsin in the Chicago- Milwaukee business corridor i.e. speaker Ryan’s district , to explain he aims to live up to his pledge to stop the loss of jobs.

Doanld Trump
Hire American Buy American: Source: Twitter

There he signed what was entitled a doubled barreled ‘ Buy American , Hire American’ executive order that will constrict guest worker visas like H-1B and need American agencies to purchase more goods and services from US companies and workers. The administrative order does not inflict the moratorium on guest worker visas that Trump had called for throughout his presidential campaign, much less finish or curtail the 85000 H-1B visas every year of which Indians hurdle more than half.

as an alternative, through a sequence of managerial recommendations, directives and changes comprising calling for a revamp of the lottery system used to decide the metrics on which H-1B visas are sponsored, Trump hopes to eradicate what critics of the program allege is a methodical abuse of the visa regime chiefly by Indian body shopping companies. without a doubt, the order comes too belatedly to influence this year’s 65000 plus 20000 H-1B visa quota petitioning for which opened on 3rd April ensuing in a lottery that is by now underway.

The administrative order is also not expected to influence other guest worker programs like H-2B seasonal worker visa utilized by the US farms and agriculturists and Trump’s possess resorts. There is work in the US under definite conditions. But the managerial order takes intend at winnowing out badly qualified , less accomplished workers , as many of them seeking immigration opportunities’ of the kind India’s middling engineering colleges mix out by the thousands and who are bought into US by means of dodgy immigrant-run colleges in America and body shoppers who acquire guest work visas for them for entry level jobs.

US administrators who briefed journalists on the backdrop of the US president’s managerial order alleged 80 percent of petitioners who come in the US beneath the existing visa programs are paid less than the median wage for workers in their fields, signifying that they not only displaced American workers but also demoralize wages. They also upheld that the US graduates about twice as many STEM students every year as find jobs in STEM fields.

But Indian IT majors have contested a lot of these numbers and assumptions at the same time as acknowledging that there may be few dodgy body shopping outfits that may have dishonored the market pointing out that more than 50 percent of graduating STEM students in the US are from the immigrant or foreign-born pools and populist measures cannot conceal the genuine scarcity of skilled workers for long. India’s IT majors also confront the allegations that H-1B workers are underpaid proverbing US law forbids this.

Rajesh Gopinathan, TCS CEO, told PTI ‘ By law, we are an equal employment and equal opportunities employer. Even when we have expats coming into the country , their average salary is benchmarked to be higher than the 50th quartile so, on an average, they get more than the average of the population .so the assumption tat they are actually underpaid is factually incorrect because they cannot be’.


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