B'wood Industry Stand On Divide And Rule On Sonu Nigam Tweet On Azaan


Yesterday, Sonu Nigam left everyone in shock when he posted some tweets on his twitter account where he questioned the need for mosques in India to use as a loudspeaker while doing daily prayers. It looked like that the 43-year old singer was pissed off from the sound of Azaan (call to prayers in the Mosque) and he tagged it as “forced religiousness”. Sonu said that he’s not a Muslim and has to be woken up by Azaan in the morning. “God bless everyone. I’m not a Muslim and I have to be woken up by the Azaan in the morning. When will this forced religiousness end in India,” Nigam tweeted.

But Sonu wasn’t aware that he was receiving flak from his fans and followers on the social media as they called him “insensitive” and “derogatory”, and he keeps on posting controversial tweets. The singer later tweeted again something again on the issue, which created his tweets to a trending issue on the social media. “And by the way, Mohammed did not have electricity when he made Islam. Why do I have to have this cacophony after Edison?” Sonu Nigam tweeted. It wasn’t the end of his tweets. He again tweeted very bluntly that “I don’t believe in any temple or Gurudwara using electricity to wake up people who don’t follow the religion. Why then..? Honest? True?” And last, he finished his controversial tweets by saying “Gundagardi hai bus.”

After the controversial tweets of the 43-year old singer, Twitterati started slamming him for his tweets. Many of his fans and followers said to him that he’s a great singer, but his opinions are not great at all. The Filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt told Hindustan Times in a text message that “This is an ‘engineered affair’. I refuse to be part of this silly conflict. It is also as old as hills.” Here’s what people from the music fraternity have to say about Sonu’s tweets:

Baba Sehgal

Baba Sehgal

Baba Sehgal believes that it’s a very sensitive issue. He said that he’s a Sikh and has many Muslim and Hindu friends, so he will never tweet anything like it. Even if something is troubling him, he will take the positive side of it. He also said that it’s his perspective, but definitely, it’s not a very positive tweet. We are divided into a variety of religions in India and we are all one, but at the same time, all are very sensitive about their religion. If anyone writes something bad or derogatory about Sikhism or Punjab, of course, I would not like that. Baba said that he will react to Sonu’s tweets the same way people are reacting to him. He said he’s been living in Yaari Road in Mumbai and various Muslim areas and sounds of Azaan don’t really bother him. He believes that anything happens in any religion ultimately becomes part of our culture. If anyone is doing Ganpati Visarjan and playing Dandiya or doing Lakshmi Pooja, some people may object that roads get occupied, but ultimately we are living in a Country where we have to respect every religion.



Shaan said he supports what Sonu has tweeted, and not because he is a friend but because he is right. The law is equal for all. He said people should be considerate towards each other. Be it Azaan or Hanuman Chalisa Jaap or any other religion practice, one must understand that noise pollution must not occur. Shaan believes that everyone has the right to enjoy festivals and practice, but not at the cost of disturbing others. He also said that he’s against religious processions during various festivals as it leads to congestion and disturbs daily life.

Hard Kaur

Hard Kaur

She said she lives near Milat Nagar and that’s very loud over there. She added that you can’t make an issue about noise in India because there are drills happening, music playing, and honks on the roads all the day. She said I can’t have issues with anybody’s religious beliefs anyway. Hard Kaur added that when someone visits me from the UK, they ask me ‘What’s this’ and I tell them, it’s Azaan that happens six times, and they ask me if it happens in the morning and I say, ‘yeah, does it bother you’, and they’re like ‘no, we’ll get used to it’. She said we have to get used to the fact that we live here, in a messy situation because it’s a messy place. We are living in India and have to live in the country peacefully.

Manmeet of Meet Bros duo

Meet Brothers

He said he’s yet to know about the tweets of Sonu Nigam but he thinks that we should not force anything on anyone be it religion, love or ideas. He believes life is about liberation. The right to freedom is for all and why should anything be forced on anyone.

Raghu Ram

Raghu Ram

He said near his house, there is jagrata every day and no one can say anything about it. He thinks that we shouldn’t stay close to any place of worship for that matter. And Raghu also said that loudspeakers should be banned everywhere – religious places, music concerts, political rallies etc. Raghu said it should be banned in Sonu Nigam’s concerts too. He thinks that Sonu got irritated by being woken up by Azaan in the morning, and then ask him what he thinks about boom loudspeakers during Bhajans, Kirtans, concerts etc? Raghu said he thinks that Sonu will have a reasoned response regarding the same.

Jubin Nautiyal

Zubin Nautiyal

Jubin believes that India is a democratic country and it’s a great place where people follow different religions happily. So when many brothers and sisters are living together in a house, some conflicts will obviously take place. He thinks that religion is not followed by anyone and people follow what they want to.

Kailash Kher

kailash Kher

Kailash said that Sonu has highlighted the important part of his life. “Inhoney bahut badi baat boli hai,” said Kher. He said that we can’t impose religion on anyone and humanity is the biggest religion. He believes that proper education is the most important need of the hour and that can help people in giving more importance to humanity than religion. He said we talk about change and all, but “Mujhe lgta hain abhi kuch bhi nahi badla hai. Badlav andar se aana chahiye jaise Kabira ne bhi bola hai.


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