This Is How Salman's Tubelight Can Be Blockbuster And Break Records


Salman khan with kabir khan had created history earlier with Ek tha Tiger and Bajrangi Bhaijaan on Eid by breaking all the existing records. Now again both came back with blockbuster Tubelight which will release on this Eid on Friday 23 June. Now let’s analyse why and how Salman’s Tubelight can score high at silver screen. The film will have a massive opening this year  after Sultan.

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Salman khan has awaited more than a year to thorne up the cinema hall in India as well as abroad. Movie will work well as the opening of three days will be huge because movie is releasing on 23 june and Eid is expected to be on Monday 26 June. It is obvious that movie will definitely do huge business on Monday even more than the first day release of Salman’s Tubelight. Salman has a huge fan following among Muslims and after one month fasting they will flood up the theatres to celebrate.

Muslims celebrate Eid for three days but it is in the past record that peoples celebrate Eid for at least 5-6 days that will result in a big chunk of audience in theatre that goes actually to watch their favourite star on Eid celebration. This is the logical possibility with a fact that Tubelight will manage to lift up the Salman and kabir khan combo and ensure at least 10 big earnings days for the movie with inflated fare and record number of screen count where only sky is the limit for them.

Apart from the entire above factor that will result in a record breaking success of movie, Tubelight has another plus point. Movie is included with vibes of having subtext which elevates the film from a commercial potboiler and that will make the film different and can be loved by all universally.  Already the presence of Chinese actress Zhu Zhu has led to a lot of speculation and expectations from the film.  A immense positive word of mouth for Bajrangi Bhaijaan had resulted in the film scoring more footfalls at box office even more than PK.

Now It is to be seen,  if Tubelight lives up to the hype and scores at the box office as well as the hearts. However director of movie is going in Hollywood way and trying to change the way how Bollywood music is consumed by Indian audience. The movie had already sold its music rights for 20 crore. This is done by director to inched the pre release profit but the major catch is that the movie only contain three songs. But it is curious for all that what is the reason that three songs rights has been sold out for 20 crore. While it’s reason would be revealed after the release. But this new and totally different way for Bollywood already inched the movie towards a profitable project for both actor and director as well.


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