3 ISIS Suspect Arrested By UP Police, Delhi police, ATS Jointly Operation


As we all know it has been a month after ISIS terrorist Saifulla was killed during police encounter in Lucknow and again this time Uttar Pradesh Anti Terrorist Squad busted a module links with ISIS for arresting three suspects of ISIS. This arrest operation was performed after the UP ATS  conducted a raids in a joint operation along with special investigation team from Delhi police, Punjab Police,  Maharashtra Police, Bihar Police and Andhra Pradesh ATS.

In this joint operation,  raid ATS team has arrested three suspects from Mumbai,  Bijnor and Jalandhar and six other places which is under question, UP ATS team said in his statement. In initial investigation one suspect was arrested from Mumbra city near Mumbai and other two suspects were arrested from Bijnor Barhapur.

The suspects that were arrested from Bijnor have been identified as Tanjir Ahmed and Mufti Faizan. The special ATS  raids were conducted as police received the information that the ISIS group  was forming to launch terror operation and for that operation some active members were in the process of  recruiting new members.

Last month Saifulla, who was involved to the blast in Bhopal ujjain train accident, was encountered by police after a 12 hour standoff encounter. The encounter came as Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh police team arrested several self radicalised persons involved in the train blast in shajapur in MP in which ten persons were injured.

Recently, ISIS ideology have been influenced around 80 suspects held across the country, but in April,  government had informed the Rajya Sabha  no input suggests that the radical organisation has established a base in India.

On this arrest Home Minister Rajnath Singh said,” people of India don’t have to worry about the radical Islamic state of Iraq and Syria spreading across the India.”


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