Home Delivery Of Petrol And Diesel Will Be Starting Soon


Don’t be shocked if you start getting home delivery of petrol, LPG, and Diesel at your doorstep. The Indian Government is considering a plan for the home delivery of petroleum products as the oil ministry tweeted today. The Petroleum Ministry tweeted today that they are exploring options to provide petrol products to consumers through Pre-booking. “Options being explored where petrol products may be door delivered to consumers on pre-booking. This would help consumers avoid spending excessive time and long queues at fuel stations,” tweeted Petroleum Ministry in its two tweets.

Petroleum Ministry Tweet
Tweet By Petroleum Ministry: Source Twitter

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As per the sources, the Petroleum Minister Dharmendra Pradhan discussed the idea to increase digital transactions in the sector at a meeting of the consultative committee of members of Parliament in Srinagar. The industry source said that increasing digital transactions will promote the customers not to stand in long queues. “This will increase the number of digital transactions and become more comfortable for petrol and diesel consumers. They will not have to stand in long queues and will be able to get it delivered at their doorstep,” said an industry source. The Petroleum Minister also informed the members that the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas took the initiative in the digital payment promotion drive. As per the reports, the consumers can book petrol and diesel easily in advance online, for which they will get the delivery at their home by the oil marketing companies.

Petroleum Ministry Tweet
Tweet By Petroleum Ministry

As of now, there are 38,128 retail outlets in India having a point of sale machines and more than 86% of the outlets have the digital infrastructure. After the Demonetization, OMCs are giving a 0.75% discount to the customers on purchase of fuel through digital mode, whereas over 72,000 e-wallets have also been activated. The source said that “This is one step ahead of our roadmap, as it may give consumers the additional benefits of digital transactions also. However, the mode of the rollout and when it will happen is yet to be finalized.” The OMCs have done about 35,000 consumer awareness campaigns to promote digital transactions in the country. The Petroleum Minister Pradhan also said that the daily cashless transactions have been increased from Rs 150 crore per day to Rs 400 crore per day. His Ministry also launched MoPNG e-Seva, which is a social media platform to solve all the oil and gas related complaints.

A large section of petrol pump owners was planning for a shutdown on all Sundays from May 14. Pradhan said that the ministry does not endorse or approve the move by a section of petrol pump dealers to close down fuel stations on Sundays. He also said that a major campaign is being carried out by Petroleum Conservation Research Association (PCRA) and OMCs under the direction of the Ministry. It’s great news for those who don’t like to stand in long queues to refill at the petrol pumps.


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