North Korea Warns US "Not To Mess With Us"


Rex Tillerson, US Secretary of state said, United States was looking at ways to pressure North Korea over its nuclear programme. North Korean state media warned Americans of ” supermightly pre-emptive strike ” saying don’t mess with us. US President has taken a hard line with North Korean leader Kim jong-un, who rebuffed admonitions from sole major ally china and proceeded with missile and nuclear programme in United nation security council resolution. North Korea regularly threatens to destroy South Korea, Japan and US and has not shown let up in its belligerence soon after a failed missile test .

Mr. Tillerson told Washington reporter on Wednesday,” we are reviewing all the status of North Korea in both way of state sponsorship of terrorism as well as the other way in which we can bring pressure on Pyongyang regime to re engage with us, but on different footing as that of past talks have held.” While Us President Mike pence said the era of strategic patience with North Korea is over.

During  London visit Paul Ryan representative speaker from US house said that the military option should be the part of pressure. Also referring to Kim he said ,” allowing this kind of dictator is that kind of power is not that civilised nation can allow to happen.” Ryan said he was being encouraged by the results efforts of China to decrease the stress but this was not acceptable by North Korea. North Korea has warned of nuclear strike against the United States if they are been provoked. He said it has developed a missile that can strike the mainland of United States but experts believe that they are away from mastering the necessary technology.

China’s global Times newspaper published by people’s daily,  which is a communist party official paper wandered weather the misdirection was deliberate. Besides all these the real truth seems to be that the US military and President jointly created fake news and  it is without doubt truly a scandal in history of US which will cripple the dignity of Donald trump.
Last week, Donald trump said that he had sent an armada as a warning to North Korea even as the ships were far from North Korean water. However North Korea didn’t refer to mix up but said the United state and its allies  “should not mess with us.”

Also The official newspaper of North Korea’s  ruling working party, Rodong sinmun said North Korea was fully prepared for any US attack.  And it was also reported in newspaper that “in case of our super mighty pre-emptive strike it will completely wipe out not only US invasion force in South Korea but also its surroundings areas along with the US mainland and bring them to ashes.”


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