IIT Kharagpur Student Found Dead In Hostel Room, Police Investigating


It has been a month when a third year electrical engineering student jumped in front of train, now there is an another student from IIT Kharagpur who killed himself on Friday night. He hailed  from Kerala. According to reports Nidhin N was a 22 years student and he was doing aerospace engineering in IIT kharagpur. Everyday he used to set alarm clock for 2 am to wake up for study. Friday morning was no different as the alarm ring woke up all the student except Nidhin.

This alarm sound woke up others and made the hostel authorities suspicious. Some of his colleague broke the window panes and then find that his body was hanging from the ceiling fan in his room which is at the ground floor at Nehru hall. Soon the authorities informed the police and then they opened the door and seized the dead body.Institute has informed his family members and police have sent his dead body for postmortem for the further investigation process. In his initial investigation police said that it could be possible that he was the victim of depression and he did this because he was badly depressed due to some reason.

According to the reports of The Times of India “Let me sleep”  was the only suicide note that was found in his room. This is the second suicide news within less than a month from IIT Kharagpur. Last month body of a third year electrical engineering student sana shreeraj was found dead on the railway track near his Campus. A couple of days ago Nitish Kumar purti, a student from IIT Delhi who joined that institute in 2016  jumped off from fourth floor of building inside campus.

Police said that the 19 year old student was depressed because he was forced to take up the course and he was unable to cope up with the pressure jumped off from the fourth floor of vindhyachal hostel campus in Delhi.


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