Salman Khan Promoting Tubelight In A Unique Way


As Salman khan gear up the promotion for his next upcoming blockbuster Tubelight. Salman khan selected his most trusted circle to ensure maximum eyes on him. The first idea is revealed from galaxy apartment where Salman lives with his family here first teaser of the war drama will curiously feature voice overs by young children and they were engaged in tubelights conversation, reports Mumbai Mirror.

This Movie is based on the sino Indian war during 1962 and this movie marks the Bollywood debut of Chinese actress model Zhu Zhu. According to kabir khan who is the director of Tubelight, when   Salman were brainstorming during an promotional event then , salman has decided to use kids for treaser but he did not want that trained children to do this and for this he decided to gather up a bunch of kids from his building to do this task in a fun way.

Kabir said then they decided and spoke to the kids ranging from six to eleven years and than Salman took all of them to studio to explain them what they were doing. Kabir told the tabloid ,”We are using this chorus in the teaser logo as well as the teaser promo as a part of  successful promotional part.”

Another interesting thing is that Salman loves children and he loves to play with kids and spend time with them. Salman always has a good equation with children and enjoy working with them as he doesn’t share this bonding with elderone. Even while he is playing with thousands of grown ups he always loves to play with kids.

The major reason behind the success of Bajrangi Bhaijaan is the character of Munni which played around the kids. This show that Salman Khan has a special bonding with kids and he is going to use this bonding for the promotion of movie Tubelight.  


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